Assistant Principal - Heim Middle School

Williamsville Central School
East Amherst, NY, United States
May 12, 2021
Grade Level
Middle School
12 months per school year.
  1. Minimum of five years successful experience in education, including teaching, supervision and/or administration.
  2. Graduate study beyond the Master's degree with emphasis on school curriculum, supervision, and/or administration.
  3. A valid New York State SAS, SBL, or SDA certification.
  4. Demonstrated ability to:
  5. provide leadership and work effectively with staff members, colleagues, parents, and others in the educational community;
  6. use creative problem solving and decision-making skills to provide a positive learning environment resulting in continuous improvement for students and staff; and,
  7. speak and write clearly and effectively.
  8. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate.
  1. Supervises and evaluates professional and support staff assigned to the building.
  2. Coordinates support staff services within the building, i.e., custodial, clerical, cafeteria monitors, and educational aides.
  3. Carries out disciplinary procedures as established by the building and/or District.
  4. Assists in screening, interviewing, and recommending candidates for professional and support staff positions.
  5. Oversees the function of all programs, plans, software, and equipment related to instructional and administrative technology use.
  6. Coordinates and monitors all maintenance functions in the building, helping to assure proper function and appearance of the building and building systems on a daily basis.
  7. Coordinates all general day-to-day transportation arrangements for students as well as approves student field trips.
  8. Develops master schedule, manages student scheduling, and determines room utilization.
  9. Approves and schedules all in-school and evening school events and building usage by school and community groups and issues building permits. Compiles an accurate school monthly calendar based on these events.
  10. Supervises evening and weekend activities.
  11. Coordinates student activities and events, e.g., field trips, co-curricular and/or extra curricular, wellness events
  12. Develop, update, and maintain all emergency plans, including fire and evacuation as well as isolation, and conduct related drills.
  13. Coordinates and supervises the administration of examinations, state assessments related data reporting, and state reports.
  14. Coordinates the distribution, usage, and repair of student lockers.
  15. Monitor faculty supervisory assignments.
  16. Update the faculty and student handbooks to reflect changes in building procedures or Board of Education policy.
  17. Carry out duties of building DASA coordinator
  18. Serve as members of building CST and AIT teams.
  19. Administrative Liaison for Committee on Special Education Meetings (CSE)
  20. Supervise details related to the opening day of school.
  21. Coordinates placement of student teachers.
  22. Organizes parent conferences and open house.
  23. Assumes all responsibilities of the Principal in the Principal's absence.
  24. Assumes responsibility for other tasks as assigned by the Principal.
REPORTS TO: Middle School Principal
SUPERVISES: Assigned Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

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Building/Location : Heim Middle School

Appointment Status : Probationary

Position Status : Full time

Certification Type : School Admin & Supv {1180}, School District Admin {1010}, School Building Leader {1012}

Additional Job Information : Salary per contract

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