APS ARA - Douglass Cluster High Schools- Teacher (In-Person External)

SW Atlanta, GA, US
Apr 24, 2021
Grade Level
High School
APS ARA - Douglass Cluster High Schools- Teacher (In-Person External)


Certified - Position - OTHER

Job Number : 4600220278

Start Date :

Open Date : 04/24/2021

Closing Date : 05/24/2021

Academic Recovery Academy- Summer 2021

High School ELA Teachers, High School Mathematics Teachers, High School Science Teacher, & High School Social Studies Teachers: In-Person Learning

Host Site: BEST Academy HS

Job Description

Atlanta Public Schools will implement a comprehensive summer academic recovery program focused on literacy and mathematics, as well as social emotional wellness supports for high school students; providing four-to-five hours of instruction per day for five days/week, coupled with 60-90 minutes of PLC/curriculum-based professional learning for four days/week at the high school level.

The district is seeking self-motivated, high school teachers who can facilitate in-person instruction using a blended model, differentiate instruction, possess deep content knowledge, and have demonstrated the ability to improve student learning. Candidates must be able to create and maintain a climate that addresses students' well-being, as well as promotes respect- tolerance- and peaceful problem solving for all students in a face-to-face and/or virtual learning environment. This position reports to the Site Administrator and Assistant Site Administrator.

Performance Responsibilities
  • Instruct students, in person, using the blended-model instructional framework: explicit instruction (teacher directed, whole group); differentiated interactive instruction (personalized learning); targeted instruction (small-group instruction).
  • Plan and internalize lessons, using district-adopted resources (digital and print), to effectively address students' unfinished learning and learning loss.
  • Administer various types of assessments to monitor students' learning and use the data to make in-time instructional changes.
  • Leverage social emotional learning (SEL) practices to address the well-being of students.
  • Participate in PLC and curriculum-based professional learning sessions.
  • Monitor students during arrival and dismissal, breakfast and lunch, and other school activities.
  • Adhere to the district's COVID-19 mitigation strategies.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Requirements :

Minimum Qualifications

Active full-time employees, with a proven track record of impacting student learning, of the Atlanta Public Schools system.

Possession of all appropriate licenses, certificates, and contract for the 2021-2022 school year; non- renewals, expiring certificates, and contract for the separations (excluding retirees) will not be considered for summer school employment.

Acceptable previous and current course grades, as verified by available data and school principal/administrator.

Acceptable rating by school principal/administrator (to be completed electronically by your school principal after you have submitted a completed application online).

Certification: 9-12 ELA; 9-12 Mathematics

Professional Development:

Teachers are required to attend the designated virtual professional learning sessions. Two after-school sessions (2 hours each) will be held the week of May 10; a four-hour session on Saturday, May 22; a five-hour session on Friday, May 28 and a planning session on Tuesday, June 1. Additionally, teachers will have the opportunity to engage in planning and/or curriculum-based professional learning at the end of each instructional day.

Compensation :

Program Operation Information

June 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021 (Monday-Friday)

***Note: June 1: Teacher Non-Instructional Day (PL & Planning)

June 2: Students Report

Daytime childcare for site-based staff will be provided June 1- June 30.

Staff Duty Times:
  • High: 8:15 AM - 3:30 PM

***Note: PLC and/or curriculum-based PL will take place at the end of the student Academic Recovery instructional day. No PL/PLC will take occur on Fridays; teachers' day will end when students transition to Power Up.

Student Instructional Day for Academic Recovery:
  • High: 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM


$40.00 an hour ($30.00 hourly rate + $10 incentive pay= $40 take home rate)

FLSA Status : Non-Exempt

Reports to: : Site Administrator

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