Director of Information Technology

Brenham ISD
Brenham, Texas
Minimum Salary: $78,806
Apr 21, 2021
Job Type

Primary Purpose:  Facilitate the effective use of computers and other technology in instructional programs district-wide. Assist in the development of short and long-range plans for the integration of technology into the instructional program.

Major Responsibilities:

Instructional Management - Ensure that instructional technology is supportive of the instructional goals of the district; develop and carry out a device management and technology infrastructure plan; provide direction to the faculty and staff in the effective use of technology, including individual training and staff development activities; provide technical assistance to faculty & staff for use of technology equipment including computer hardware and software, network use, and user problems; assist in integrating technology into the existing instructional curriculum; provide guidance in the selection of technology equipment and materials used within instructional programs;supervise and assist with the bidding process, purchase, distribution, maintenance, and installation of hardware, software, and other technological equipment and materials; assist in the development of policies and procedures regarding technology issues; provide leadership and relevant planning strategies for implementation of a technology strategic planning process which includes:  state, federal, and local programs and processes; curriculum resources; evaluation of digital resources; distance learning policies, procedures, and implementation; inventory maintenance; check out policies; migration and obsolescence plans for technologies; student global projects; community access; software selection, purchasing, implementation, and assessment; server usage; dedicated line usage; upgrades and licensing; hardware selection, bidding process, purchase, inventory, maintenance, and use; maintenance procedures; cybersecurity; ongoing support of support services organizations (Maintenance, Food Service, Transportation); demonstrate support for the district’s student management policies and expected student behavior related to programs; articulate the district’s mission and goals of the department to the community and solicit its support in realizing the mission.

Technology and Information Management - Analyze complex business needs presented by schools and administrative departments, and develop and implement technical solutions; explain technology solutions to senior management through presentation and advocacy; manage, direct, and assign priorities and personnel to major projects to ensure attainment of the district and department goals and objectives; develop and implement district standards and specifications for hardware and software use, and computer networking; devise, develop, implement, and maintain systems of internal controls, emergency and backup procedures, proper licensing, system upgrades, and disaster recovery plans to ensure the integrity of information, the security of databases, and internal network access control; and oversee support between the education service center and district staff, including programming, application support, and end-user support.

Policy, Reports, and Law - Implement the policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy in the area of information management and technology; compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents as required; participate in the research of and application for technology-related grants or revenue sources.

Budget and Inventory - Develop and administer the information technology budget based on documented needs, and ensure that operations are cost-effective and funds are managed wisely; coordinate the purchase of all computer hardware, software, and supplies; initiate purchase orders and bids in accordance with budgetary limitations and district policies.

Personnel Management - Prepare, review, and revise technology department job descriptions; select, train, supervise, and evaluate staff, and make recommendations relative to assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.

Textbook Coordination - Serve as the district textbook coordinator; order, purchase, and inventory state-adopted textbooks; distribute new textbooks; collect and dispose of out-of-adoption textbooks, and collect lost textbook money.