Bilingual Coordinator

Zuni, NM, US
Apr 16, 2021
Position Type:

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Zuni Public School District

  • Closing Date:

  • Position: Bilingual Education Coordinator
    Reports to: Superintendent
    Site: Central Office
    FLSA Status: Exempt
    Contract Length: 12 month/261 days (starting date May 2021)
    Salary: $74,263.00 to $90,795.00

    Purpose: Coordinate the Zuni Language and Culture Program for the District. Provide oversight and ensure compliance of the Federal Bilingual and all local, state and federal required assessments.

    This job description is to be used as a guide for accomplishing company and department
    objectives and only covers the primary functions and responsibilities of the position It is in no
    way to be construed as an all-encompassing list of duties.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    A Master's degree in education, linguistics, language literacy or equivalent field;
    A valid New Mexico Teacher License;
    Five years of teaching experience within Zuni Public School District;
    Fluent in the Zuni and English language, both orally and in writing;
    Literate in the Zuni and English language;
    Have a TESOL endorsement, a Native Language and Culture License and a
    Bilingual Endorsement;
    Must have strong verbal and written communication, technology and budget management skills;
    Ability to build effective relationships with the community, parents, students, staff and the general public.

    Essential Duties:
    • Coordinate the teaching of the Zuni Language in collaboration with instructional staff and evaluate the staff in speaking, reading and writing the Zuni language;
    • Coordinate with the Zuni Language Culture Board the implementation of the Zuni Language and Culture Proficiency certification assessments in collaboration with the school administration, bilingual parent advisory committee, Tribal Council, project staff, consultants, elders and community resources;
    • Provide oral and written linguistic analysis of the Zuni language;
    • Represent the District in matters as delegated by the Superintendent;
    • Coordinate the development of and evaluate and revise instructional material as needed;
    • Compile data, organize, implement, coordinate, evaluate, monitor and ensure compliance of Title III, and Bilingual Education programs, applications and budgets, as applicable under federal, state and local regulations and guidelines;
    • Conduct needs assessments, collect specific school/community demographic information and data as required to prepare and submit federal programs proposal and/or reports;
    • Provide information and technical assistance to parents and staff in understanding all applicable portions of the federal and state regulations, EDGAR (Education Department General Administration Regulations) and federal laws;
    • Promote professional development through conferences, classes, materials and in-services;
    • Comply with community rules, regulations and standards regarding cultural confidentiality and sensitivity;
    • Asserts leadership in times of civil disobedience in the District in accordance with established Board Policy;
    • Assumes responsibility for compliance and awareness of loca1, state & federal rules and regulations to include Board Policy, Union Contract, OSHA, NMAA, ADA, etc.;
    • Performs duties as assigned .
    Physical Functions:
    • Sit, talk and hear for long periods of time;
    • Use repetitive hand, arm and finger motions;
    • Travel as necessary to conferences, seminars, trainings and meetings;
    • Attend meetings during the day and in the evening at various locations in and out of the District;
    • Read information in various formats, research information and present information in oral and written form;
    • Speak publically to groups of different sizes and discuss issues at hand.
    • Lift up to 40 pounds on occasion, 20 pounds frequently;
    • Walk for short distances on even and uneven surfaces;
    • Work in an office environment with varying temperatures and noises;
    • Operate equipment with finger(s), hand, foot and eye coordination;
    • Must be able to travel long distances.
    Mental Functions:
    • Must be able translate information from the Zuni language to the English language and the English language to the Zuni language;
    • Must be able to handle stress, work under pressure of deadlines, interruptions and frustrations;
    • Must be able to handle difficult people and difficult situations; work on conflict resolution and problem solving;
    • Lead people in creating, brainstorming, team building and project management;
    • Must be able to assess situations, make decisions and provide direction;
    • Must be able to utilize mathematical strategies and analysis;
    • Must be able to monitor projects, assignments and data to ensure work is being completed correctly and meets timelines;
    • Must be able to analyze data, provide input and articulate the need for changes.
    Essential Equipment:
    • Operate phone, fax, computer, scanner, printer, calculator, smart board, etc.;
    • Operate a vehicle and hold a valid driver's license;
    • Must be able to handle boxes that hold school supplies.