1st Grade Classroom Teacher

Englewood, CO, US
Apr 15, 2021
Grade Level
Elementary School
  • Position Type:
    Licensed: Grades K-5/ Primary - Grades K, 1, 2
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    Alice Terry Elementary School/Englewood, CO
  • This position is for the 2021/2022 school year and is probationary unless the selected candidate is hired after the first student day. Per Master Agreement, when a position is filled after the opening of school by an individual who was not employed by the District in the previous school year, that employee will receive a one-year temporary contract.

    Explicit Instruction for 1st grade students in various content areas
    Deliver and analyze varying assessments (DIBELS, i-Ready, etc.)
    Actively promote, maintain, and support a safe, supportive classroom and school environment
    Participate in delivering and receiving peer feedback
    Actively participate in job-embedded, weekly, and district-led professional development opportunities
    Planning, delivering, and reflecting upon daily lesson plans
    Working with 1st grade team to collaboratively analyze data, behavior, and attendance
    Providing additional instructional supports as needed for students in 1:1, small group, and whole group settings
    Commitment to participating in school-based committees and groups as needed
    Consistently providing communication to parents, families, and other significant adults to ensure all relevant parties are frequently updated on student academic growth and progress, as well as behavior and attendance concerns
    Perform other duties as may be assigned by the building Principal.


    Teachers must hold a valid Colorado License

    -Hold an endorsement and authorization level in the subject area appropriate for assignment.
    -Pass an approved content exam in subject area.
    -Hold 36 semester hours in assigned subject area.


    Instructional Planning
    Plan instruction consistent with the district-approved curriculum for assigned subject area(s)/grade level(s)
    Use formal and informal methods to assess the abilities and needs of students.
    Plan effective use of class time.
    Responsible for planning and implementing instruction in 1st grade content w/ an emphasis on reading instruction, literacy, mathematics and academic language development.
    Instructional interaction (teaching)
    Apply principles of teaching/learning to enhance student achievement.
    Utilize teaching methods that are appropriate for the objectives and learners.
    Modify instruction to meet student needs.
    Communicate effectively with learners.
    Provide for and maintain student involvement during instruction.

    Evaluation of instruction
    Use the evaluation of student outcomes to measure the effectiveness of instruction.
    Communicate effectively student progress to student and parent/guardian.

    Instructional management
    Attend to tasks in a manner that maximizes instruction.
    Maintain necessary student records.
    Assist in planning for appropriate use of volunteers/aides as assigned
    Responsible for assessing students' progress, analyzing results and planning appropriate instruction based on observations in order to meet individual needs of students in your classroom

    Learning Environment
    Establish clear expectations for appropriate behavior.
    Establish consequences for inappropriate behavior.
    Establish conditions under which students exercise self-discipline, honesty, leadership and citizenship.
    Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning that includes well-defined and clear processes and procedures that will allow students to achieve at high levels.

    Professional Responsibilities
    Participate in professional growth opportunities.
    Adhere to the code of ethics of the teaching professional of the State of Colorado.
    Recognize problems and actively contribute to their resolutions.
    Collaborate with others to fulfill responsibilities related to building and district goals and priorities.
    Demonstrate a concern for students' health and safety.
    Stays within department budget
    Active participation in team level and school wide professional learning community to collect, analyze, plan instruction and evaluate growth of students on a continuous basis.

    Accept and fulfill assigned responsibilities and duties in a prompt and efficient manner.
    Follow Board of Education policies, building procedures and any other rules, regulations or procedures that may be established by the District or Building administrations.
    Perform other duties as may be assigned by the building principal in accordance with District Policies.

    Demonstrated knowledge and skill regarding the components of effective instruction.
    Demonstrated knowledge of content and teaching methods in area(s) of teaching assignment.
    Demonstrated knowledge of developmental needs of students.
    Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills.
    Evidence of ability to establish and maintain effective, cooperative relationships with school personnel, students and parents.
    Demonstrated understanding and empathy necessary for working with students.

    The usual and customary methods of performing the job's functions required the following physical demands: some lifting up to 20 pounds, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling: and signification fine finger dexterity. Generally the job requires sitting, walking, and standing. This job is performed in generally a clean and healthy environment.

    Must clear online background check and FBI Fingerprint check through Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

    Placement on Licensed Salary Schedule based upon previous teaching experience and highest degree and college credits earned after student teaching was completed. Current Board approved Licensed Teacher Salary Schedule, Salary Placement Policy, and Master Agreement are available for review on our district website at www.ssd2.org. Highest initial step placement on the Licensed Salary Schedule is Step 9.

    Employees who are scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week are eligible to obtain district health benefits which include medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance and supplemental benefits. Positions that qualify for health benefits also qualify for leave which could include vacation and daily leave to be determined by the position and number of days assigned. Sheridan School District No. 2 is a public employer and participates in the Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA). All employees are required by state statute to contribute 8.75% of salary on a pre-tax basis to PERA and the District contributes 20.4% in addition to employee contribution through July 31, 2020. Effective August 1, 2020, all employees are required by state statute to contribute 10% of salary on a pre-tax basis to PERA and the District contributes 20.9% in addition to employee contribution.

    How to Apply / Contact
    All interested and qualified applicants must complete an online application at www.ssd2.org. Incomplete applications and resumes received in lieu of applications will not be considered. Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. This position will close once the vacancy has been filled.