K-2 Physical Education (PE) Teacher

Englewood, CO, US
Apr 10, 2021
Grade Level
Elementary School
  • Position Type:
    Licensed: Grades K-5/ Physical Education
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    Alice Terry Elementary School/Englewood, CO

  • Work Hours: M-F (Afternoon) 3.75 hours per day
    Work Days: 187
    Target Start Date: July 2021


    • Instruction for K-2 students utilizing the Colorado Academic Standards and Beyond Textbooks
    • Planning, delivering, and reflecting upon daily lesson plans
    • Working with teachers to collaboratively analyze instructional needs, growth, and achievement.
    • Understands the development of skills as they relate to K-2 students and Physical Education (PE)
    • Providing clear scope and sequence of instruction to meet the needs of each grade level
    • Providing additional instructional supports as needed for students in 1:1 and small group settings.
    • Commitment to participating in school-based committees and groups as needed.
    • Determine student needs based upon data analysis.
    • Collaboratively working with other specials and classroom teachers
    • Supervision duties as needed.
    • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the building Principal.


    Required: Teachers must hold a valid Colorado License

    • Hold an endorsement in the subject area appropriate for assignment.
    • Hold authorization level appropriate for assignment.


    Instructional Planning
    • Plan instruction consistent with the district-approved curriculum for assigned subject area(s)/grade level(s)
    • Use formal and informal methods to assess and record the abilities and needs of students.
    • Plan effective use of class time.
    • Responsible for planning and implementing instruction that connects with grade-level content, with an emphasis on reading instruction, literacy, mathematics and academic language development.

    Instructional interaction (teaching)
    • Apply principles of teaching and learning to enhance student achievement.
    • Utilize teaching methods that are appropriate for the learning target and demonstration of learning for all learners.
    • Modify instruction to meet student needs. • Communicate effectively with learners, parents and all staff.
    • Provide for and maintain safe student engagement during instruction.

    Evaluation of instruction
    • Use the evaluation of demonstration of learning to measure the effectiveness of instruction.
    • Effectively communicate student progress to student, classroom teacher and parent/guardian

    Instructional management
    • Plan and deliver lessons in a manner that maximizes instructional time.
    • Maintain necessary student records, data and progress to monitor growth and development.
    • Plan for appropriate use of volunteers/aides as assigned
    • Responsible for assessing students' progress, analyzing results and planning appropriate instruction based on observations in order to meet individual needs of students in your classroom

    Learning Environment
    • Establish clear and consistent expectations for appropriate behavior.
    • Establish clear and consistent consequences for inappropriate behavior.
    • Establish conditions under which students demonstrate Respect, Responsability, Readiness and Safety which the values of Alice Terry Elementary.
    • Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning that includes clear and consistent processes and procedures that will allow students to achieve.

    Professional Responsibilities
    • Participate in professional growth opportunities.
    • Adhere to the code of ethics for the teaching professional as defined by the State of Colorado.
    • Recognize problems and actively contribute to their resolutions.
    • Collaborate with others to fulfill responsibilities related to building and district goals and priorities.
    • Demonstrate a concern for students' health and safety.
    • Stays within department budget
    • Active participation in team level and school wide professional learning communities to collect, analyze, plan instruction and evaluate growth of students on a continuous basis

    • Accept and fulfill assigned responsibilities and duties in a prompt and efficient manner.
    • Follow Board of Education policies, building procedures and any other rules, regulations or procedures that may be established by the District or Building administrators.
    • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the building principal in accordance with District Policies.

    • Demonstrated knowledge and skill regarding the components of effective instruction.
    • Demonstrated knowledge of content and teaching methods in area(s) of teaching assignment.
    • Demonstrated knowledge of developmental needs of students.
    • Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills.
    • Evidence of ability to establish and maintain effective, cooperative relationships with school personnel, students and parents.
    • Demonstrated understanding of and empathy necessary for working with students at Title 1 school.

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