Tutor, Title I - Part Time

Houston, TX, US
Apr 08, 2021
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Support Staff, Tutor
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  • DAYS: 260
    $30 per hour
    Job Description

    JOB TITLE: Part-Time CertifiedTutor-Title I

    REPORTS TO: CampusPrincipal

    WAGE/HOUR STATUS: Non-Exempt

    PAY GRADE: $30 an hour


    The Part-Time Certified Tutor-Title I is responsible for implementing the district's goals, policies and procedures in the subject area or grade level assigned; in accordance with the campus needs assessment, and campus improvement plan.

    All employees of SISD are expected to act with integrity, support organizational goals, communicate in a clear and respectful manner, championing the needs of our students and drive continuous improvement.


    • Bachelor's degree from accredited university
    • Valid Texas Teacher certificate as required by the State Board of Education Certification
    • One year teaching experiencerequired

    • Knowledge of subjectsassigned
    • General knowledge of curriculum andinstruction
    • Ability to instruct students and manage theirbehavior
    • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonalskills
    • BilingualPreferred

    • Teaches in accordance with staffassignment.
    • Displays effective teachingpractices.
      • Completes effective lesson plans with immediate and long rangegoals.
      • Develops lessonsappropriately.
      • Uses timeeffectively,
      • Chooses appropriate materials andactivities.
      • Presents subject matter clearly andinterestingly
      • Coordinates and plans with team members whenappropriate.
    • Administers the classroom to create an environment conducive tolearning.
      • Organizes the procedures for effective classroommanagement.
      • Organizes the assigned area in an efficient, appealingmanner.
      • Provides flexibility for individual and groupactivities.
      • Practices positive discipline techniques that help students gain self-control and responsibility for their actionis.
      • Maintains a positive, accepting attitude in working withstudents.
    • Cooperates with school personnel in providing for studentwelfare.
      • Supervises behavior and safety of students in classes, between classesand during school-related activities on and offcampus.
      • Works with counselors, administrators, parents and other staff members to place students in the most effective educationalsetting.
      • Instruct students in school safety and emergency drillprocedures.
      • Participates in special activities and programs provided for students andparents.
    • Initiates communications withparents.
      • Inform parents about programs forstudents.
    • Makes parents aware if problemsarise.
      • Keeps parents informed about student progress.
    • Cooperates with appropriate programdirectors.
    • Administers an appropriate record keepingsystem.
      • Maintains accurate records for student evaluation andprogress.
      • Maintains accurate attendance records as required by building, District and state regulations.
      • Maintains accurate records for all textbooks, materials, and funds provided by theDistrict.
      • Maintains records of parent contacts, conferences, disciplinary measures and referrals to other schoolpersonnel.
      • Meets required record keeping format and timelineseffectively
    • Exemplifies professionalism in behavior andperformance
      • Cooperates with staff and administrators, sharing workwillingly.
      • Works with team leaders and principal to benefit from evaluation by using strengths and improving areas ofneeds.
      • Exemplifies professionalism and creates a positive attitude toward the teachingprofession.
      • Promotes understanding of District programs andpolicies.
      • Remains current in education and the specific areas of instruction though literature, workshops, conferences, professional organizations and college courses.


    The usual and customary methods of performing the job's functions require the following physical demands: physical mobility, frequent standing, stooping, bending some lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling. May be required to move small stacks of textbooks, media equipment, desk and other classroom equipment. Mental demands: Ability to solve problems and deal with a variety of situations; ability to interpret a variety of data; ability to interpret TEC and policy; ability to apply knowledge of current research and theory, ability to be effective in both oral and written communication; ability to maintain emotional control understress.


    This position is funded by Federal/and or State grants. You understand that your employment is expressly conditioned on the availability of full funding for the position. If full funding becomes unavailable, your employment is subject to termination or nonrenewal, as applicable.