Legal Compliance Officer

Savannah, GA, US
Apr 08, 2021
Job Category
Administrator, Legal
PRIMARY FUNCTION: This position is responsible for ensuring District compliance with legal requirements with an emphasis on Federal civil rights laws.

REPORTS TO: Assistant School Board Attorney

  • JD from ABA accredited law school with at least 3 years of relevant professional work experience. Eligibility to be a member of the Georgia Bar, Or
  • Relevant masters-level degree with at least 7 years of work experience in federal civil rights compliance or regulatory enforcement in an education context.

Experience, Skill and Certification:
  • Excellent communications and organizational skills
  • Demonstrable expertise with technology (standard office software, internet use, and so on)
  • Eligible for Georgia Professional Standards Support Certificate

  • Practical legal experience and knowledge in the field(s) of civil rights, education law, state and local government law, employment law and administrative law.
  • Strong administrative skills and experience
  • Experience conducting investigations and responding to complaints
  • Experience in adult-level instruction and conducting professional trainings
  • Excellent academic record
  • Established commitment to public service
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Serve as the District's Coordinator for Civil Rights and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and for other legal regimes as assigned.
  2. Serve as lead Title IX Coordinator.
  3. Maintain a robust and current understanding of assigned legal areas.
  4. Monitor and ensure compliance with assigned compliance areas.
  5. Provide technical assistance and training in assigned legal areas.
  6. Respond appropriately to allegations and complaints that concern assigned legal compliance areas.
  7. Conduct and direct investigations relevant to and required by assigned compliance areas.
  8. Prevent the spoliation of evidence and assist in the collection and preservation of evidence
  9. Ensure that District has the capacity to conduct legal compliant and effective hearings and grievance procedures relevant to compliance areas.
  10. Direct and coordinate any subsidiary coordinators and administrative hearing service providers.
  11. Maintain positive and reliable communications and relationships with relevant stakeholders.
  12. Review and advise on District policies and regulations pertaining to assigned legal areas.
  13. Direct and support interactive processes to accommodate individuals with disabilities as required by the ADA.
  14. Assist the District with responding to and resolve complaints and allegations received from outside agencies in civil rights matters, including e.g. Department of Labor (DOL); Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); Office of Civil Rights (OCR); U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)
  15. Collect, analyze data, and produce reports in response to federal and state requests in matters pertaining to assigned compliance areas.
  16. Provide other legal services to the District as directed through the Assistant School Board Attorney, including e.g. attending IEP meetings attended by outside attorneys, assisting with litigation and legal document production, attending court proceedings on behalf of the District and its staff, and participating in depositions, hearings and grievance proceedings.
Terms of Employment: Incumbents will be considered "at will." Appropriate pay will be determined based on Grade A3 and allowable experience as determined by Human Resources. The work calendar will be 250 days.

A responsibility is considered to be "non-essential" (for the purposes of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) if:
  • it is shared between multiple incumbents in the job; or
  • it could be performed by an employee in another job within the workgroup.
Note the responsibility number from the list in the "Duties and Responsibilities" section for those responsibilities that could be considered "non-essential" based on this definition.

Certain limited aspects of General Duties and Responsibilities items referenced in Section 1 (b) and (d) might be considered "non-essential" in a specific situation. Any request for accommodation must be reviewed on an "individual case" basis.

Most jobs in the District have physical and sensory demands that can be described by one of the two categories noted below. For jobs that require more physical or sensory effort, please list the requirements in this section. The category applicable for this position is listed below.

OFFICE Employees in this category are normally exposed to a typical environment. The employee has some control over the length of time sitting, standing, or ambulating. There are occasions that require the lifting or pulling of equipment or supplies, as well as bending, stooping, or stretching. There is frequent use of computers, telephone, and other standard office equipment, which includes reading, listening, writing, or speaking. There are few exceptional physical or sensory demands.

(Check any that apply to this job and complete the required information.)
[x] Occasional heavy lifting of up to 25 pounds of materials, etc.
[ ] Frequent climbing up to __ feet, and/or working on building roofs.
[ ] Exposure to heavy dust, dirt, chemical or paint fumes, and other airborne matter.
[ ] Exposure to extreme heat, electric current, hazardous chemicals, or other potential hazards.
[ ] Sitting or standing for extended periods with no control over rest periods.
[ ] Other: