Instructional Specialist

Ridgeland, MS, US
Apr 08, 2021
Position Type:
Support Staff/Instructional Specialist

Date Posted:

Shirley D. Simmons Middle School

Date Available:

Closing Date:
Until Filled

Please email your letter of interest and resume along with 3 references to Mr. Kelvin Griffin, Principal at

• Valid Mississippi teaching license with certification in Core Subject Areas, English, Special Education, Mathematics, Science or other

• Master's Degree or Higher

• Minimum of five years teaching experience

• Must be able to work with at-risk students

REPORTS TO: Principal


Teachers and facilitates embedded professional learning opportunities, supporting the instructional process.


The basic function of this position is to lead and guide teachers in the instructional process. Engages in on-going support of positive school culture and conducive learning environments. Assists the building administrator with parent/community relations and student promote the fulfillment of their potential (intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth) so that they have the opportunity to become productive citizens in society.

• Conduct teacher observations.

• Assist with interviews.

• Monitors Ez-Lesson Planner.

• Checks bi-weekly lesson plans.

• Checks for weekly grades in SAM/Active Parent.

• School webmaster: monitor teacher webpages and updates.

• Schedules and conducts professional development - Including external providers.

• Conducts teacher academy/professional development.

ü Maintains documentation.

ü Schedules summer professional development.

• Maintains documentation for Title I.

• Co-conducts or conducts leadership team meetings.

• Completes Title I schoolwide plan in coordination with school leadership team.

• Coordinates extra / supplemental learning sessions.

ü Schedules meetings with content area teachers to analyze data.

ü Creates remediation schedules for students to participate in test preparation sessions.

ü Creates schedules for seniors that include additional ACT support, time for college representatives to speak to seniors (with support from counselor/s), time to work on Edgenuity and other online resource courseware (credit recovery/makeup), etc.

• Coordinates with Assistant District Assessment Director to come and meet with staff regarding test results.

• Conducts school survey with stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, and community for school needs assessment.

• Coordinates pull-out time with district tutors to provide additional support to students scoring in the bottom quartile.

• Conducts and schedules staff meetings.

• Maintains documentation of staff meetings.

• Conducts monthly meetings with new staff.

ü Meets with new staff members during their planning periods, once a month, during the 1st semester.

ü Creates mentor assignments for new staff.

• Conducts parent-teacher conferences.

• Assists with IEP meetings.

• Edgenuity Coordinator - Credit Recovery (Secondary)

ü Meets with all students who qualify for term recovery at the beginning of each nine weeks to inform them of the opportunity to recover the term.

ü Sends home term recovery notices and permission forms to parents, and give students a copy during meetings.

ü Inputs students' information into Edgenuity and monitors student progress.

ü Provides progress checks to students and parents.

ü Sends all final scores and names to data entry at the end of the term for grade changes.

• Parent Liaison

ü Conducts parent-student conferences.

ü Conducts parent-teacher-student conferences.

• Conducts Title I parent meetings.

• Maintains Marquees and other publicity notices.

• Assists in monitoring student progress and behavior plans.

ü Documents the number of students are on target, sliding, failing.

ü Tracks progress reports, and failures.

ü Reviews report cards for honor roll, all A's, and Failures

ü Creates data walls in data rooms to track student progress.

ü Prepares notes for report cards and progress reports.

• Assists with end-of-year close out and beginning of the year opening.

• Plans for and secures instructional resources and technology.

• Maintains monthly school calendars.

• Additional duties or assignments that the principal may assign.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on evaluation of personnel.