JV Girls\' Lacrosse Coach

SAU 16
Exeter, NH, US
Apr 08, 2021
Job Category
Teaching, Athletics Coach
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    Exeter High School


    1. Has the ability to organize and supervise a sports team.

    2. Has previous successful coaching experience in assigned sport.

    3. The coach must serve as an appropriate role model for student athletes through

    his/her instructions and actions.

    REPORTS TO: The athletic director, who provides overall objectives and final evaluation in

    conjunction with the high school principals

    1. The success of athletic programs has a strong influence on the community's

    image of the entire system. The public exposure is a considerable

    responsibility and community/parent pressure for winning performance is

    taxing, but must not override the objectives of good sportsmanship and good

    mental health.

    2. The position includes other unusual aspect such as extended time, risk injury

    factor and due process predicaments.

    3. It is the express intent of this job description to give sufficient guidance to

    function. In cases not specifically covered, it shall be assumed that a coach

    shall exercise common sense and good judgment.


    1. Has a thorough knowledge of all the athletic policies approved by the Exeter Region Cooperative School District..

    2. Understands the proper administrative line of command and refers all requests or grievances through

    proper channels. Is aware of all public/staff/departmental meetings that require attendance.
    3. Properly marks and identifies all equipment before issuing or storing.
    4. Monitors equipment rooms and coaches' offices, authorizes who may enter, issue or requisition
    5. Permits the athletes to only be in authorized areas of the building at the appropriate times.
    6. Examines locker rooms before and after practices and games, checking on general cleanliness of the
    facility. Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of specific sport equipment


    1. Serves as a mentor to each athlete to promote the development and demonstration in student athletes

    the character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

    2. Gives constant attention to a student athlete's grades and conduct.

    3. By his/her presence at all practices games and while traveling, provides assistance, guidance and

    safeguards for each participant.

    4. Provides training rules and any other unique regulations of the sport to each athlete who is

    considered a participant.

    5. Assists athletes in their college or advanced educational selection.

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