Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

SAU 16
Exeter, NH, US
Apr 08, 2021
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    SAU 16 Central Office

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  • The Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice is a member of the SAU 16 senior leadership team and responsible for guiding efforts and creating opportunities to define, assess, and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, educational employment opportunities, and cultural proficiency across seven school districts, school boards, and the central office in SAU 16. The Director will work closely with the various stakeholders and is responsible for prioritizing and operationalizing DEIJ initiatives, especially those dealing with curriculum (in collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction), cultural competency of the organization, faculty/staff recruitment and retention (in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources), and professional learning.

    1. Believes in and explicitly communicates the importance and value of all human narratives and identities and actively promotes equitable practices for all members of the SAU community.

    2. Collaborates with school-based DEIJ teams on the development and implementation of programs to build knowledge, skill, and competency for all staff members.

    3. Serves as a member and trainer for the SAU senior leadership team with a lens on anti-racist, anti-biased, and anti-oppression management, including support with special programs.

    4. Communicates professionally to a broad audience of stakeholders using various modes including but not limited to classroom/school visitation, social media platforms, public speaking events, school board meetings, and moderated public forums.

    5. Plans and leads professional learning experiences throughout the year to address ongoing and ad-hoc needs around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

    6. Collaborates with the senior leadership team to create, implement, and monitor systems and programs designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all staff and students.

    7. Oversees the development and facilitation of SAU-wide interest groups while assisting schools with identity-focused affinity groups.

    8. Collaborates with the Director of Human Resources to develop and implement additional initiatives for the recruitment and retention of people of color.

    9. Facilitates and leads the SAU 16 Anti-Discrimination Task Force in its mission to address discrimimatory acts, processes, and policies in schools and the school system.

    10. Develops district-wide accountability measures around equity and inclusion, and leads progress monitoring efforts towards success against those metrics.

    11. Provide support and consultation to school and district leaders in assessing challenges and opportunities and implement responsive strategies.

    12. Serves as a regular and active listener to employees, students, school board, and community members to both gain insight into current concerns and assess the effectiveness of the districts' approaches to equity, inclusion, antiracism, and anti-bias strategies.

    1. Evidence of experience working with and competence in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice content.

    2. Knowledge of State of New Hampshire and federal regulations and policies regarding personnel matters and employment as they relate to civil rights and Title IX.

    3. Skills and ability in organization, time management, task prioritization, and record keeping.

    4. Exemplary skills in written and oral language with the ability to communicate respectfully, clearly, and concisely by telephone, in person, and in written form.

    5. Skills demonstrating a high level of empathy, integrity, commitment, and work ethic.

    6. Ability to apply diplomatic techniques in all district-related matters and maintain strict confidentiality in sensitive matters.

    7. Ability to analyze and synthesize complex data.

    8. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, administration, and community in a variety of roles and positions.

    9. Ability to work effectively as a team member and remain calm, flexible, and work effectively under pressure.

    10. Ability to use technology to advance productivity and efficiency in order to fulfill job functions.


    11. Bachelor's degree in human relations, ethnic studies, sociology, or other social impact discipline. Master's preferred.

    12. Graduated responsibilities and/or life experience in driving diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice efforts in an education or non-profit setting.

    13. The ideal candidate must have the proven ability to engage in effective conversations about race, have historical knowledge of the many forms of oppression, and understand the different forms of bias and how to respond effectively to them while building this capacity of others.

    14. Successful NH State Police criminal records check and FBI Fingerprint Clearance Report and Disclosure Statement in accordance with state law.

      Benefits are regionally competitive.

      Work Day: Eight hours, sometimes more as needed

      Work Year: 260 days (includes paid vacation and paid holidays)

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