Assessment Associate (21-22)

Weslaco, TX, United States
Apr 08, 2021
Position at IDEA Public Schools

At IDEA Public Schools, we believe in college for ALL and we are committed to ensuring that all of our students graduate from college. IDEA Public Schools has grown from a small school to the fastest-growing network of tuition-free Pre-K-12 public charter schools in the United States sending 100% of our students to college. 5 0 % of our students graduate from college in 6 years - that's 8 times the national rate for students in our communities!  

IDEA was founded in 2000 as a single school with 150 students in the Rio Grande Valley. When interest exceeded building capacity, to meet the demands, IDEA's co-founders committed to serving more students in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and beyond. We now serve nearly 45,000 students across Texas and Louisiana. By 2022, IDEA will serve 100,000 students. Be on the lookout for IDEA schools opening near you-with continued growth in our current regions and new launches in Tarrant County (Fort Worth/Arlington), New Orleans, Houston (2020), Permian Basin (2021), and Tampa Bay (2021)!  

When you choose to work at IDEA, you are part of our IDEA Team and Family. You will work alongside team members who set and reach ambitious goals every day, are excited to continue to grow with IDEA, and work relentlessly to make college for all a reality.  


To learn more about IDEA, check out this video .  

Role Mission: 
The role of the Assessment Associate is to support in the maintenance of designated district assessment systems and programs that enable district users, including teachers and school leaders, to have real-time, actionable information to make data driven decisions for students. This position will also support the work of the Student Performance and Advocacy Team in its mission to provide assessment information, training, and resources to district staff  



100% of students and teachers have the highest quality district assessments to result in student data that allows leaders to make actionable decisions.    
  • 100% of data entry for designated large-scale district assessments completed, according to the timelines on the assessment process calendar and assessment one-pagers   
  •  Designated large-scale district assessments entered in Illuminate are 98% error free.   
  • Follow large-scale district assessment process map to ensure every step is completed on time   
  • Complete weekly small-scale district assessment data audit process and reach out to appropriate curriculum manager to ensure 100% of test data will be available to users   
  • 24-hour response rate to any reported concerns regarding a large-scale or small-scale district assessment.      
  • Conduct training with curriculum managers throughout the school year to ensure small-scale district assessment data entry is accurate and entered by deadlines stated in small-scale district assessment data process map.    
  • Conduct training with testing coordinators in the use of Illuminate    
  • Data audits for large-scale & small-scale district assessments are completed on time on a weekly basis  

100% of IDEA Public School stakeholders have access to the appropriate testing systems they need to make data-driven instructional decisions.
  • 100% of district and school users will have appropriate job-related access to the following systems by the first day of school. o Illuminate Texas: teachers, district & school staff   
  • Amplify/ MClass : testing coordinators   
  • 100% of testing coordinators, principals and applicable district staff have access to the STAAR Assessment Management System (SAMS) by the designated deadline   
  • Train testing coordinators on the use of SAMS for online state assessment administration   
  • 24-hour (1 business day) response rate for Zen Desk Help Desk  

100% of designated district and state assessment systems have live, accurate data and are prepared for growth each school year
  • Manages the day to day operations of designated assessment systems to ensure 100% of users have access to data   
  • Executes the yearly roll over and updating of assigned assessment systems to prepare for the following school year   
  • Maintains the data within the assessment systems as it pertains to students and users and sites   
  • Once a month, inactivate user accounts for staff who have left the organization.   
  • Posts the state assessment results in the Hub site for district stakeholder access.   
  • Builds strong business partnerships with district Student Information Systems team, Research & Analysis team, Software Development team, district curriculum managers and other district stakeholders to maintain accurate student and staff data across systems  
  •  Ensure that 100% of designated assessment systems are ready for the first day of school each year  

100% of testing coordinators have the appropriate printed testing materials by the designated deadlines.
  • Executes the tasks involved in the print process for large-scale district assessments to meet district deadlines of availability   
  • Understands test security protocols and administration guidelines for state, national/standardized and district assessments   
  • Supports the assessment team in test materials ordering, handling, management and shipment for state testing    
  • Supports campus testing coordinators in the management of district and state testing material  

  Commitment to high quality customer service 100% of the time.
  • T hrives within a fast-paced, feedback heavy, customer service-oriented team.
  •  Is responsive to feedback and requests, and engages in proactive planning   
  • Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills   
  • Is flexible regarding tasks and work schedule   
  • Able to multi-task, is organized and excels in time management  

We look for Team and Family who embody the followingvaluesand characteristics:
  • Believes and is committed to our missionand being an agent of change: that all students are capable of getting to and through college  
  • Has demonstrated effectiveoutcomes and results, and wants to be held accountable for them  
  • Has a propensity for action, willing to make mistakes by doing in order to learn and improve quickly  
  • Works with urgency and purpose to drive student outcomes  
  • Thrives in an entrepreneurial, high-growth environment; is comfortable with ambiguity and change  
  • Seeks and responds well to feedback, which is shared often and freely across all levels of the organization  
  • Works through silos and forges strong cross-departmental relationshipsin order toachieve outcomes  
  • We believe in education asa professionand hold ourselves to high level of conduct, professionalism and behaviors as models for our colleagues and students.  



Supervisory Responsibilities   
  • No direct reports  
  • Must be able to lead and influence others where no direct reporting exists  


  • Mission Focus   
  • Managing self and others   
  • Problem-solving   
  • Record of results  
  •  Building relationships   
  • Customer service orientation  


  • Must reside in the Rio Grande Valley.  Headquarters located in Weslaco, TX.   
  • Bachelor's degree required.   
  • Experience: At least 1 year of experience with database/system management preferred.   
  • Ability to travel within the RGV and other IDEA Regions


Knowledge and Skills:  
  • Organizational and time management skills required.  
  • Detail-oriented.    
  • Managing others through influence.    
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills.   
  • Clerical skills   
  • Prior data entry experience preferred.  
  •  Proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, Excel required.

Salaries for this role typically fall between $47,600 and $56,200, commensurate with relevant qualifications and experience. This role is also eligible for a performance bonus based on personal and organizational goal attainment.

IDEA Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability, in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in its programs and activities. Any person having inquiries concerning the organization's compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), or Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), may contact IDEA Human Resources at (956) 377-8000.