Kirk Faculty Manager

Cleveland, OH, US
Mar 16, 2021
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    Kirk Middle School

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  • Kirk Middle School Faculty Manager

    The Faculty Manager will operate under the auspices of the Athletic Director.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    1. Supervise all athletic contests, especially home contests.
    2. Make the initial eligibility check of prospective candidates for teams.
    3. Record the results of the Weekly Eligibility Card check, notifying the Athletic Director and the respective coach of any athlete who has been ineligible for the week.
    4. Make arrangements for physical examinations for prospective teams.
    5. Schedule transportation arrangements for away games and contests.
    6. Contact officials for contests and present officials with their checks before the contests begin (primarily L.E.L. officials).
    7. Handling of tickets (in conjunction with the Ticket Manager) for those contests that require the sale of tickets.
    8. Collection of address, waiver lists and insurance fees which must be turned in to the Athletic Director.
    9. Assist in checking the eligibility of the athlete.
    10. Assigned other duties and tasks by the Athletic Director as the need arises.

    Terms of Employment : Salary :
    2021-2022 School Year ECEA Supplemental Salary Schedule