Business Service II - Mechanic

Cleveland, OH, US
Mar 12, 2021
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    District Wide

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    Until Filled


    Maintenance III - Mechanic



    1. Minimum of five (5) years of experience in automotive or heavy-duty mechanics, which may include fleet experience.
    2. High school diploma or equivalent.

    3. Valid State of Ohio License with CDL Endorsement and Restrictions S: School Bus

    4. Physically able to perform task required for the job function (i.e. lifting heavy objects do repairs, etc.)

    5. Ability to provide leadership to staff and coordinate work assignments.

    6. Ability to perform all functions associated with the technical or trade fields.


    1. Ability to work well with others.

    2. Ability to exercise organizational and leadership skills

    3. Ability to conduct in-service training of others.

    4. Ability to perform without constant supervision

    5. Ability to take direction from others.

    6. Ability to make accurate decisions and use good judgment.

    7. Certification: ASE Certified

    General Description / Specific Performance Indicators

    1. Responsible for the district-wide maintenance in technical or trades field.

    a. Maintain a safe working environment and observes good housekeeping in the assigned warehouse space.

    b. Develop and prepare an ongoing program for improving, maintaining, repairing and updating equipment.

    c. Recommend to the Facility and Operations Manager the needs in the area of supplies, materials, equipment, and repairs.

    d. Maintain proper and detailed records of all supply and materials purchased as well as repairs performed.

    e. Refer all uncompleted repair projects to the Facility and Operations Manager.

    f. Perform an annual physical inventory on all supplies, materials, tools, and equipment in assigned area.

    g. Assist in receiving and recording of all supplies, materials, tools, and equipment.

    2. Responsible for all motor vehicles and equipment assigned to area/department.

    a. Perform routine general maintenance as required.

    b. Diagnoses, examines, and investigates vehicles to determine causes of defective operation of

    3. Responsible for the supervision of all technical or trades personnel in the assigned area/department.

    a. Maintain proper and detailed work records of all assigned support staff personnel.

    b. Develop and maintain a supervisory plan for daily activity of all assigned support staff personnel.

    c. Assist in the performance evaluation of all assigned support staff personnel.

    4. Demonstrate human relations and communication skills.

    a. Demonstrate knowledge of and adhere to policies and procedures in on the job situations.

    b. Interpret and carry out written and oral instructions.

    c. Prepare written incident reports and communicate orally with other staff members, students, and supervisors as required.

    5. Demonstrate possession of the physical attributes required to perform all essential functions.

    a. Demonstrate ability to move, transport, lift, and carry manually or with mechanical assistance boxes, books, supplies, equipment, and trash receptacles.

    b. Demonstrate strength and manual dexterity to operate equipment properly.

    c. Must be able to work with hands to manipulate a variety of tools related to repairs and maintenance need to.

    d. May be asked to operate equipment in all types of weather conditions.

    6. Perform any and all other related duties or functions that are necessary for the efficient operation of the school district as assigned by the Facility
    and Operation Manager.

    Terms of Employment Salary:
    260 Days Per the Negotiated OAPSE Agreement

    The East Cleveland City Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in the recruitment, placement, maintenance, promotion or termination of employees on the basis of race, sex, religion or national origin.