Tournament Coach - Policy Debate

Northfield, IL, US
Mar 06, 2021
The Tournament Coach will coach and supervise New Trier Speech and Debate students and serve as a judge at local, regional, or national tournaments. There is frequently travel involved. Tournaments usually occur on weekends and can run 1 to 4 days. Tournament Coaches coordinate their individual schedules with the Head Coach to balance personal and professional schedules.

  • Experience in Speech and Debate competition.
  • An understanding of tournament procedure and protocol.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with peers and supervisors.
  • A valid driver's license.
  • Previous coaching/mentoring job experience is preferred.
  • A background in research and evidence production for debate argumentation is preferred.

Compensation: Attend at least 15 tournament days, details below under "Tournament Attendance"
H Stipend ($3,118 base);.
Paid in 3 installments in November, February, and May.
Payments may be prorated to align with hours completed.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the Head Coaches of the Speech and Debate program to supervise, mentor, and guide students as they develop their debate abilities.
  • Contribute feedback to students and coaches regarding debate performance, argumentation, and overall conduct.
  • Support appropriate student behavior as outlined in the Student Guidebook.
  • Provide research material, evidence, and arguments for student use as assigned by the Head Coaches.
  • Engage in professional communication with students to critique, refine, and comment on student work.

  • Guide and develop student growth in the areas of argument construction, research, delivery, and strategic thinking.
  • Observe New Trier students while in competitive forums.

Tournament Attendance
  • Attend at least 15 tournament days at local, regional, and national contests to coach and judge on behalf of New Trier Speech and Debate.
  • All Coaches:
    • Drive tournament vehicles or chaperone student transportation as assigned.
    • Fulfill the judging requirements at tournaments for New Trier Speech and Debate as assigned.
    • If students qualify for a national championship (defined as the Grand National Catholic Forensic League Tournament, National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament, and/or the Tournament of Champions) it is expected that the Tournament Coach will attend.