5th Grade Elementary Teacher 2021-2022 SY

East St Louis, IL, US
Feb 24, 2021
Grade Level
Elementary School
  • Position Type:
    Elementary Teaching Positions/ Elementary Teacher

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Lincoln Middle School
    (High-Needs School)

  • Closing Date:
    Until Filled

  • TITLE: Elementary Teacher - 5th Grade
    FLSA: Exempt
    DEPARTMENT: Lincoln Middle School
    SALARY: Teacher Salary Schedule
    WORK YEAR: 180 days
    REPORTS TO: Principal or Designee

    Under the direction of the Principal, the teacher will guide students in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve at or above grade level. Teachers will plan lessons, provide instruction, manage the classroom in a manner that is conducive to learning, as well as demonstrate fairness and respect with students. The teacher will work with parents/guardians, as well as district support personnel to provide appropriate support to students. The teacher will perform professional responsibilities in a manner that is in compliance with Board policy, as well as adhering to state and federal laws regarding public education.

  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree
  • Illinois Professional Educator License with Elementary Self-Contained
  • Experience teaching 5th grade preferred
  • Technology skills necessary to deliver instruction

    Knowledge of :
  • Illinois Learning Standards
  • Academic evaluation and data collection methods
  • School Improvement
  • Best Practices in the delivery of curriculum and instruction
  • Content Area to be taught
  • Classroom Management
  • Federal and State laws regarding special education
  • Ability to :
  • Deliver instruction in a manner that improves student achievement
  • Implement intense student support
  • Collect and manage data related to student progress
  • Monitor and support student safety
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Work in a team environment with teachers and other stakeholders

  • DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES: (May not include all duties performed):
  • Provide written lesson plans in accordance with the objectives of the instructional program
  • Establish high expectations for learning for all students and make ensure that students are aware of these expectations
  • Provide specialized instruction and collects data on student growth as well as recommend a course of action or corrective procedures to overcome issues and maximize learning
  • Monitor and evaluate student progress and adjust instruction to support achievement
  • Apply effective practices in the delivery of curriculum and instruction
  • Use differentiated instruction that is aligned with student need
  • Comply with all district/school policies, practices and procedures.
  • Attend training/professional development and implement information and materials provided
  • Use available technology to enhance instruction and achievement
  • Demonstrate competency in all subject areas taught
  • Provide evidence of student performance and progress
  • Establish and maintain rules and conduct and discipline that are consistent with District Policy and Procedures and that result in an environment conducive to learning
  • Adhere to policies and procedures regarding Special Education referrals, staffing, and conferences
  • Practice fairness in teacher-pupil relationships and exhibit an understanding and respect for students as individuals
  • Be punctual and regular in attendance to school and duty assignments
  • Exhibit a cooperative attitude and professionalism toward students, parents, community, and school personnel
  • Make appropriate use of professional preparation periods
  • Present an appearance that does not adversely affect the student's ability to learn
  • Communicate the academic progress, attendance, and conduct of students to their parents/guardians
  • Other duties as necessary to the position

    Inside/outside office environment.


    Frequent standing, sitting, walking, and lifting Physical Requirements of Job Functions:
    Standing 0-4 hours per day 1-7 hours per day
    Walking 0-2 hours at a time 1-2 hours per day
    Sitting 0-2 hours at a time 0-5 hours per day
    Driving Occasionally Occasionally

    Essential Functions Measured in Terms of Frequency
    I. Body Movement
  • Bend/Stoop Frequently
  • Squat/Crouch Occasionally
  • Climb Occasionally
  • Crawl Not at all
  • Overhead Reach Occasionally
  • Shoulder Reach Frequently
  • Kneel Occasionally
  • Twisting Occasionally

  • II. Lifting
  • 0-10 lbs. Frequently
  • 11-20 lbs. Occasionally
  • 21-40 lbs. Occasionally

  • Additional Comment: Lifting or carrying refers to office supplies and equipment. Climbing stairs in or around buildings is also necessary
    III. Repetitive Movement
  • Feet (both) Not at all
  • Hands (both) Constantly
  • Typing/writing
    Fine manipulation
    Simple grasping
    Light pushing and pulling

    Please note: The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties are performed by the individuals currently holding this position, and additional duties may be assigned.

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