Supervisor - Policy, Plan, Eval, Test

Newark, NJ, US
Feb 24, 2021

Announcement of Vacancy


Office of Policy, Planning, Evaluation and Testing

(Pending availability of funds and Board of Education approval)

The Superintendent invites all qualified individuals interested in the position of Supervisor of Policy, Planning, Evaluation and Testing within the Office of Policy, Planning, Evaluation and Testing.


  1. Master's degree from an accredited college or university in Education, Psychology, Statistics or Computer Science.
  2. New Jersey Permanent Supervisor's Certificate.
  3. Minimum of three (3) to five (5) years of professional experience in conducting research and other evaluation studies.
  4. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status. *As defined in N.J.A.C. 6A:9-9 Instructional certificates.


The Office of Policy, Planning, Evaluation and Testing (OPPET) is comprised of four teams: Testing, Student Information Systems (SIS), Data and Strategic Analytics, and Enrollment. Each team lead reports to the OPPET Executive Director. The Testing team is responsible for planning instrument design, coordinating administration operations, and training district and school staff in efficiently collecting valid student assessment data. This work is highly collaborative, and often dependent on the efficacy of partnerships across the OPPET SIS and Data teams, as well as with other central office departments, such as the Office of Teaching and Learning, the Information Systems Department and the Office of Education Technology.


This position will be responsible for ensuring that standardized tests are effectively administered and will support the coordinated dissemination of results. Core to this role is administering and maintaining the portfolio of digital assessment platforms supported centrally by OPPET. This includes handling the integration and access functions of new and existing state and local test platforms and responding to support inquiries from school and district staff.
  1. Administers the assessment management system including technical support & training, vendor relationships, client communication.
  2. Manages how digital assets related to standardized state and district testing interacts with employees and the public, including keeping file permissions and usage rights up to date.
  3. Engages stakeholders to contribute to the success of major technology rollouts planned.
  4. Collaborates with the District Test Coordinator in identifying and developing training for staff as needed once the technology has been deployed, including writing technical training briefs to guide users.
  5. Coordinates with the District Test Coordinator, school leaders and the OPPET SIS team to ensure accuracy in user profile establishment, permission assignment and test registration.
  6. Serves as a change manager for assessment related technology implementation, serving as advocate for both the people using the tool and the tool itself.
  7. Develops resources to guide how internal users interact with the District's select digital assessment platforms and the resulting data (consumer engagement). The resources may include, but are not limited to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), technical requirements, best practices, click paths.
  8. Maps out workflows related to testing and manages their efficacy, developing processes, testing them, and then documenting the results to build institutional capacity.
  9. Researches and assists in implementing new technologies that streamline legacy platforms and processes associated with state and district testing.
  10. Tracks and validates assessment metadata, working on taxonomy or tagging, and training with end users, in addition to managing content on the NPS Testing Website.
  11. Tracks and monitors the security of files, along with developing security policies to keep student assessment data safe.
  12. Ensures digital files are named and stored appropriately in the district's digital library. Develops strategies and business rules for managing these assets.
  13. Authors scripts to leverage automation and improve linkages across enterprise platforms that support test registration or data storage.
  14. Ensures that school and district staff have timely access to digital assessment tools.
  15. Communicate with key stakeholders, hold regular meetings with vendors and stakeholders to review exam processes and continuously improve the user experience.
  16. Coordinates with staff across OPPET, ISD, Teaching and Learning, as well as, School Leadership Teams and schools to use technology to work smarter in monitoring.
  17. Provide support as needed to the maintenance of servers that house data from the district's SIS and assessment platforms.

  1. Demonstrates a working knowledge of Sql, Java and SharePoint.
  2. Demonstrates a working knowledge of data architecture and the appropriate management of personally identifiable information.
  3. Demonstrates a working knowledge of Google, MS Office Suite, with Excel in particular.
  4. Demonstrates a working knowledge of the use of test data.
  5. Ability to present information clearly and concisely.
  6. Experience in high stakes, complex project management.
  7. Ability to perform statistical analyses and accurately interprets results.

Reports To

Executive Director of Policy, Planning, Evaluation and Testing

Salary, Terms & Affiliation

1. Salary: $98,000-$134,000.

2. Employment Period: Twelve (12) Months

3. Union Affiliation: City Association of Supervisors and Administrators (C.A.S.A.)

How To Apply

The Newark Board of Education is only accepting electronic applications. If you are a current Newark Board of Education employee, you must apply via the Employee Self Service website.

Open and Close Dates

OPENING DATE: October 9, 2020

CLOSING DATE: Until Filled

Equal Employment Opportunity



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