School Psychologist

Plainfield, IL, US
Feb 23, 2021
Position Type:
Special Education Ancillary Staff

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Troy CCSD 30C; District Office

  • Date Available:
    2021-2022 school year

  • Closing Date:
    Open until filled


    TITLE: School Psychologist

    QUALIFICATIONS: Professional Educator License: Endorsement in School Psychology

    REPORTS TO: Director of Special Education and Assistant Director of SOWIC

    FUNCTION: SOWIC school psychologists are part of multi-disciplinary school-based teams. They work collaboratively with teachers,
    administrators, and parents to meet the academic, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of children ages 3-21 years.


    A. Planning and Preparation

    1. Use research knowledge to improve student learning.
    2. Use a consultative problem-solving process to design, implement, and evaluate school-based services.
    3. Use data and assessment to develop instructional strategies and interventions for students in all 3 academic tiers.
    4. Develop and maintain a multi-tiered continuum of behavioral supports and mental health services to support student learning at the individual, group, classroom, and school-wide levels.
    5. Develop and maintain universal screening and progress monitoring programs to identify students who need additional instructional or behavioral

    B. Classroom Environment
    1. Demonstrate the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to effectively participate in meetings within the school setting.
    2. Act as a resource to teachers, administrators, and parents in order to improve student outcomes at the individual, group, and systems level.
    3. Collaborate with others to create learning environments that promote research-based instructional practices and curriculum.
    4. Promote mental health in schools by providing direct and indirect services to students who experience behavioral problems that interfere with learning and socialization.
    5. Promote educational practices that are effective for diverse learners.
    6. Work with families to promote parent understanding and involvement in the school community.
    7. Participate in school meetings to design, implement, and evaluate school-based services.

    C. Instruction

    1. Apply data-based decision-making in all areas of practice (e.g., screening, consultation, assessment, intervention, and evaluation).
    2. Use varied models and methods of assessment to identify strengths and needs, measure student progress, recommend intervention strategies, and evaluate outcomes.
    3. Conduct or review assessments to identify students' eligibility for special education services.
    4. Participate in Functional Behavior Assessments to identify the antecedents, consequences, and functions that may impede learning.
    5. Participate in school crisis teams and provide assistance in crisis prevention, preparation, response, and recovery.
    6. Consult with parents to provide resources to assist with educational and family concerns.
    7. Evaluate the effectiveness of school programs at the individual, group, or systems levels.

    D. Professional Responsibilities

    1. Practice in ways that are consistent with legal, ethical, and professional standards.
    2. Support school policies, philosophies, and objectives with students, parents, and staff.
    3. Participate in events outside of the regularly scheduled work day such as orientation, open houses, or conferences.
    4. Conduct staff training to support school improvement goals.
    5. Engage in continuous professional development activities.
    6. Perform other duties as assigned by SOWIC administrators.
    7. Participate in staff development and school improvement activities in order to maintain professional growth.
    8. Demonstrate the ability to perform physical tasks associated with job.
    9. Demonstrate the ability to perform activities that utilize the necessary technology tools available including web -based data systems.

    E. Evaluation
    Formal and informal observations and conferences shall occur as needed or desired by the professional staff member or Executive Director of SOWIC, Assistant Director, and Program Administrator and shall be an ongoing process.

    For more information on this position, please read the full description document.

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