Severe Needs/Life Skills Teacher, 21-22 School Year

Aurora, CO, US
Feb 23, 2021
  • Position Type:
    Licensed - Severe Needs / Life Skills Teacher/Severe Needs/Life Skills Teacher

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  • Location:
    North Middle School

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  •   Additional Info: 21-22 School Year.
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    Salary: See the teacher salary schedule at Days/Hours: as designated by the school. - Days: 187 day position (new teachers 190 day position) General Description:
    • Work with severe/profound students with disabilities. In addition to developing literacy and math skills, transition planning, lifting, feeding, diapering are typically part of the job
    • Responsibilities include assessing, teaching and supporting students with disabilities in a continuum of services to include in-class and pull out option. Consultation and collaboration with general education and special education staff are essential components of this position.
    • Be able to demonstrate understanding and applications of standardized assessments for eligibility and general education assessments in literacy and math for programming purposes.
    • Understanding and application of Augmentative Alternative Communication systems is vital to this position.
    • Supervision of paraprofessionals is an essential component.
    Education and Licensure
    • Minimum Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
    • Holds a Colorado teaching license or is currently eligible for one with the appropriate endorsement for this position
    • A completed Human Resources file including transcripts, student teaching verification, previous work experience
    • Acceptable Licenses
      • Early Childhood Special Ed (ages birth thru 8) Grades P3-2 only
      • Early Childhood Special Ed Specialist (ages birth thru 8) Grades P3-2 only
      • Early Childhood Special Ed (ages birth thru 5) Grade P3-K only
      • Early Childhood Special Ed (ages 3 thru 8) Grades P3-2 only
      • Special Education Generalist (ages 5 thru 21)
      • Special Education Specialist (ages 5 thru 21)
      • Profound Needs (ages birth thru 21)
      • Severe Needs Cognitive (ages 5 thru 21)
      • Educable Mentally Handicapped (K-12)
      • Multihandicapped (K-12)
      • Temporary Educator Eligibility Authorization (TEE)
    Endorsement Category Special Education Generalist OR Trainable Child OR Teacher 2-Severe Needs Affective OR Physically Handicapped Strategic Plan: The teacher shall identify the development needs of students, shall maintain a productive learning environment, and shall work collaboratively to support the priorities of the Strategic Plan.
    Condition of Employment: As a condition of employment, the individual selected for this position will be expected to complete the APS-sponsored Linguistically Diverse Educator (LDE) Certificate Program within the first three years of employment.
    Click here to learn about the Culturally Linguistically Diverse Educator Certificate.

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