Teacher of Health Education

Plainfield, NJ, US
Feb 02, 2021

Job Description

SY 21-22

Job Functions and Responsibilities

1.Assesses student abilities as related to the desired educational goals, objectives, and outcomes.

2.Plans and implements appropriate instruction/learning strategies and activities, including determination of the appropriate kind and level or materials. Utilizes a variety of instructional materials and available multimedia and computer technology to enhance learning.

3.Develops, adapts, modifies, and individualizes educational materials, resources, techniques, methods, and strategies to meet the needs of students within the school's curriculum.

4.Manages the behavior of learners in instructional settings to ensure environment is conducive to the learning process.

5.Coordinate Instructional activities.

6.Participates in in-service and staff development activities and staff meetings as required or assigned.

7.Continually assesses student achievement and maintains appropriate assessments and evaluation documentation for instructional and individual reporting purposes.

8.Ensures continuous communication with parents, both written and oral, to keep them informed of a student(s) progress.

9.Continually communicates with students on instructional expectations and keeps them informed of their progress in meeting those expectations.

10.Manages allotted learning time to maximize student achievement.

11.Ensures classroom and/or instructional environment is attractive, healthful, and safe, and that materials are in good condition and accessible to students.

12.Performs other related tasks as assigned by the building Administrator and other central office administrators as designated by College Achieve Public Schools.


•Bachelor's degree in Health Education

•Valid standard professional teaching certificate in Health Education

•Knowledge of content, curriculum, methods, materials, and equipment of instructional specialty to which assigned.

•Excellent oral and written communications and human relations skills.

•Ability to select instructional planning, management, and evaluation procedures that relate to student needs and the demands of the instructional environment.

•Ability to plan and implement lessons based on school objectives and the needs and abilities of students.


Commensurate with Experience

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