Budget/Purchasing Specialist

San Antonio, TX, US
Jan 29, 2021

POSITION: Budget/Purchasing Specialist


* Bachelor's degree from an accredited four year college or university, preference in
accounting, management, finance, or business degrees
Special Knowledge & Skills:
* Ability to plan and conduct financial and management audits
* Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
* Knowledge of Auditor's Code of Ethics
* Demonstrated understanding of Texas Education Agency standards for financial
accounting and reporting
* Work cooperatively with campus and support personnel throughout district
* Knowledge in preparation of organizational budgets
* Ability to train district personnel in policy and procedures related to budget
development systems


Three years of relevant budgeting experience in government or public

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for planning, direction, and implementing the district's budget. Ensure
compliance with accountability standards, laws, regulations, and policies. Provide
independent and objective appraisals of financial, data processing, audits, and other
relevant matters within the district. Provide budgetary analysis and accounting
support to the District at both the campus and administrative levels. Support
purchasing processes for procurement, bids, contracts and training.


Examine the adequacy and effectiveness of the district's system of internal
controls to ensure compliance with accounting standards, laws, regulations,
and policies.

Recommend standards of control and propose modifications and
improvements to existing or planned financial and operation systems and
procedures to improve budget effectiveness.

Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of
Education rule, and local board policy in the area of budgeting and

Create budget and audit procedures and review campus and department
records, reports, documentation and operating procedures to ensure
compliance with federal and state law and regulations, and with local Board
policy and administrative regulations, inclusive of the annual audit plan.

Conduct internal audits and oversee the audit process in accordance with
state and district standards and procedures and reports on findings
following generally accepted auditing principles.

Review procedure for campus fund raisers and school budget activities.
Train district personnel on preparation of annual budgets in accordance

with district and TEA requirements.
Preparation of budgetary transfers and amendments, as needed. Review

and posting of budget transfers and amendments.

Create reports and disseminate budget related information to appropriate
personnel for timely decision making.

Ensure accuracy of budget development and placement in proper account
codes, in compliance with the TEA Financial Accounting System Resource

Support district personnel with development and placement of special
revenue fund budgets, to ensure compliance with applicable Notice of Grant
Award requirements, local, state, and federal.

Budget/Purchasing Specialist (con't)

Prepare documents, spreadsheets and other tools utilized in analyzing,
developing and preparing the annual budget.

Prepare and disseminate reports and budgetary information to appropriate
users for timely decision making.

Prepare historical and analytical data to determine budgetary trends and

Assist with monthly review of special revenue funds, and preparation of
related journal entries.

Create and maintain fiscal procedures for the district's scholarship fund.

Establish and maintain internal controls to ensure compliance with local,
state, and federal procurement policy and regulations.

Support the district bidding process and development of bid specifications
in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Create, develop and review of administrative guidelines and manuals
related to budgeting, special revenue, and purchasing.

Daily attendance and punctuality are essential functions of the job.

Perform other duties as assigned.


Mental and Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee may periodically be required to
prolonged periods of sitting, reaching, arm and hand movement, standing walking,
climbing, bending, stooping, some driving when necessary and occasional lifting of
40+ pounds. Occasionally, yet essential to this position, the individual must meet
deadlines with severe time constraints, interacting with the public, employees and
staff. Occasionally the position requires the employee to work irregular or extended
hours, direct responsibility for the safety, well-being or work output of employees and
staff, and meet multiple demands from several people. Occasional district-wide

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