Dual Language (Bilingual) Elementary School 2021-2022

Waukesha, WI, US
Jan 26, 2021
Grade Level
Elementary School

School District of Waukesha is proud to invite applications from talented Bilingual and Biliterate teaching professionals to staff our 90:10 Dual Language Program. We are currently searching for skilled teachers of Elementary School bilingual teacher.

Candidates who have near native fluency and literacy in the Spanish and English languages, believe in and promote lifelong bilingualism and biliteracy, value and engage families, and who want to innovate effective uses of technology and personalized learning are highly sought.

The School District of Waukesha is committed to ensuring educational programming that equitably serves learners and builds their hope and aspirations.

INTERVIEW IMMEDIATELY by clicking on this link https://SDofwaukesha.hirevue.com/signup/YHqukYtfR2/, and apply on WECAN!

.Our Ideal Candidate must have:

-Experience teaching linguistically talented students learning Spanish and English, and grade level content simultaneously

-Experience in a urban setting.

-Advocacy and Leadership for linguistically talented students and families

-Strong background in team/co-teaching AND creating linguistically and culturally responsive environments

-Have experience teaching Bilingual/Dual Language and English as a Second Language in content and literacy environments

-Builds effective peer and collegial relationships

-Fluency with the CCSS in ELA and MATH, Next Generation Science and WIDA Standards for English Learners

-Ability to build individualized language learning plans and carry out accommodations to instruction and assessment


The role will/may consist of:

Dual Language Arts (Bilingual)

Dual Language Social Studies/Science (Bilingual)

Dual Language Math (Bilingual)

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