Paraprofessional (Autistic Support)

Allentown, PA, US
Jan 13, 2021
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Paraprofessionals/Special Education Paraprofessional

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    Central Elementary School

  • Paraprofessional- Autistic Support
    1. Must meet educational requirements for "highly qualified paraprofessional," as defined by the federal laws, No Child Left Behind, and IDEA. Must meet educational requirements of Chapter 14, PA Code 22.
    2. Must meet basic reading, writing, and math competencies.
    3. Valid Act 34, 114, and Act 151 clearances.
    4. Valid tuberculosis test and physical examination with ADA reasonable accommodations stipulated, as appropriate.
    5. Must continue to meet the required annual obligations of Chapter 14, PA Code 22: 20 hours of approved staff development activities related to their assignment.
    6. U. S. citizen or holder of a valid work visa.
    7. Such additional or alternatives to the above qualifications as the board or superintendent may determine appropriate and acceptable.
    Summary: An instructional paraprofessional is a school employee who works under the direction of a certificated staff member to support and assists in providing instructional, behavioral, and functional programs and services to children with disabilities or eligible young children. The support and assistance include one-on-one or group review of material taught by certificated staff, classroom management and implementation of positive behavior support plans. Services may be provided in a special education class, regular education class or other instructional setting (e.g., community-based instruction) as provided in the student's IEP. Instructional paraprofessionals shall meet one of the following qualifications:
    • Have completed at least 2 years of postsecondary study.
    • Possess an associate degree or higher.
    • Meet a rigorous standard of quality as demonstrated through a State or local assessment.
    • Participate in 20 hours of approved staff development activities annually.

    For more information on this position, please read the full description document.

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