Business Administrator

Montpelier, Vermont
TBD based on experience
Dec 10, 2020
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Washington Central Unified Union School District is seeking a Business Administrator to oversee the management of financial affairs for District’s member schools consisting of Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Rumney, Doty, and U-32. The Business Administrator is responsible for the organization’s accounting practices, maintenance of fiscal records and preparation of financial reporting, with focus on providing the best educational services with the resources available. Plan and manage finance and accounting services to include cash management, accounting, payroll, contracts, and administration of the WCUUSD district insurance programs and to assure the schools are in compliance with school board policy, state regulations, and industry best practices.

Applicants are asked to apply via Schoolspring job #3400992.  Additional questions or inquiry may be sent to




  • Administers all multi-corporate general accounting, financial reporting, internal controls and appropriate accounting record retention.
  • Develops recommendations on and completes borrowing and investments, long and short term debt service procedures, and supervises monthly duties.
  • Formulates and administers the tuition billing system.
  • Maintains oversight of all revenue collection systems.
  • Responsible for employee benefits administration per union and contractual agreements.
  • Interprets financial statements and makes specific recommendations and analysis as necessary.
  • Insures that financial reports are timely and understandable so that the principals and directors can use them as efficient administration tools.
  • Establishes and maintains a sound system of internal controls to protect district and school generated financial resources.
  • Establishes and maintains efficient procedures and effective controls for all expenditures of school funds in accordance with adopted budgets, district policies, and State and Federal regulations.
  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining generally accepted accounting (GAAP) principles and adhering to governmental accounting standards(GASB), practice, and procedures.
  • Oversees depreciation schedules, asset listing, and capital lease schedules and reconciliation.
  • Conducts pre-audits of all obligations to ensure budgeted appropriation and encumbered balances.
  • Prepares standard and custom management reports for end-users (i.e. Boards, Principals, Directors, Administrative Assistants, etc.), perform reasonableness testing and quality assurance on the reports to ensure accuracy.
  • Provides a program of accounting adequate to record in detail all money and credit transactions.
  • Provides for the collection, safekeeping, and distribution of all funds.
  • Oversees accounting procedures directed by fund accounting practices, accounts payable/receivable systems.
  • Oversee payroll processes and procedures for all schools.
  • Monitors an on-going review of district cash flow to ensure timely payment of all financial commitments.
  • Establishes standard practices and procedures for receipts and deposit of funds.
  • Ensures the reconciliation of cash accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Assumes primary responsibility for the execution of the annual audit by independent and/or elected auditors to fulfill local, state, and federal audit requirements.  
  • Reviews audit findings and apprises supervisor of the observations, suggestions, and /or reportable conditions of the independent and/or elected auditors.  
  • Distributes final audit report to elected auditors, district boards, Agency of Education, and other outlets as required by State Law, Federal requirements, or district policy.
  • Oversees and ensures the accuracy of all external reporting required of the payroll function (W-2’s, 1099’s, 941’s as well as all State required reporting).
  • Ensures the collection of ADM data is in compliance with State requirements.
  • Maintains a chart of accounts for the accounting system that complies with the State’s financial reporting requirements.
  • Performs, or assists with the performance of periodic internal audits to ensure compliance with district policy, State law, established accounting practices, or departmental operating practices.
  • Assures that all bidding and business affairs are conducted in a legal and professional manner.
  • Reviews all personnel addition/change forms verifying that account number is appropriate, valid and that sufficient funds are available.
  • Establishes and maintains sound cash management and investment programs for school districts.
  • Coordinates cash activities with district and town treasurer and manages District cash investments.
  • Maintains an on-going review of district cash flow to ensure timely payment of all financial commitments.
  • Responsible for administering the District’s insurance programs (property, liability, dental, automobile, etc.)
  • Ensures all claims and incidents are reported timely and assists district personnel with regular and ordinary insurance matters (coverage limits, deductibles, certificates of insurance, etc.)
  • Responsible to establish annual contracts for financial audit.
  • Oversees the orientation and training of new personnel in fiscal, payroll, and accounts payable procedures.
  • Coordinates with the Information Technology Department with respect to the use and maintenance of a computerized State-wide business management system.
  • Represents the districts’ interest, with respect to duties, by participating in appropriate professional and community organizations.
  • Acquires and maintains up-to-date knowledge of all laws and regulations as it relates to the accounting and finance office.
  • Collaborates closely with the Human Resources function of the District to ensure shared and dependent systems and operating practices are efficient, effective, and fully optimized.
  • Oversee the maintenance, reconciliation, and reporting on all student activities accounts for individual schools and programs.


  • Responsible for overall budget development in all schools in the district.
  • Develops models for a multi-year financial plan incorporating requirements of school with district strategic plans.
  • Recommends budgetary policy and practices, develops methods, procedures and forms for the preparation of operating, capital, and statistical budgets.
  • Establishes and maintains efficient procedures and effective controls of all expenditures of school funds in accordance with adopted budgets, district policies and State and Federal guidelines.
  • Provides guidance and acts as a resource to assist principals and administrators in the administration of their budgets.
  •  Works closely with the Administrative Team in preparation and training on budget development.
  • Coordinates, processes, and controls transfers of budgeted funds as requested by the Administration.
  • Develops budget guidelines, coordinates preparation of budgets, and assists key administrators in review of budgets.
  • Coordinates the presentation of, justification for, and preparation of additional analyses for action by the Board.
  • Assists in the execution of the enacted budget, including the recommendation of administration controls where required.
  • Recommends improvements to the financial management of the school system specifically related to budget methods, format, and presentation.
  • Arranges for and supervises preparation, publication, and distribution of budgets as approved by the School Board.
  • Remains current on changing laws and requirements regarding State and Federal funds available for schools.
  • Provides timely and accurate reports to appropriate administrators concerning the status of their budgetary accounts.


  • Responsible to establish annual contracts for financial audit, employee benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, retirement and as provided by contract, liability and property insurance, and student transportation for school districts. Serve as the liaison for insurance purposes.
  • Responsible for the effective and efficient procedures in formulating and negotiating lease agreements, contracts with vendors and consultants.
  • Prepares materials for negotiations and provides financial calculations to Superintendent and board members as requested.
  • Acts as purchasing agent for school boards and establishes procedures for the purchase of goods and services for the school district. Prepares and reviews bids for items/services that effect the district or individual schools.


  • Construction Projects – Acts as a consultant and assists, when necessary, for all major construction projects and associated contract management (develops contract language, ensures the state’s required bid process has been followed, completes bonding/borrowing application process, coordinates the construction aid requirements have been met, develops bid specifications as needed).
  • Transportation – Acts as a consultant and assists, when necessary, the school principals in monitoring the activities and operations as appropriate. Serves as key player in the writing and negotiating for the student transportation contract.
  • Food Services – Acts as a consultant and assists when necessary, the school principals and hot lunch agents in monitoring the activities and operations as appropriate.

Other duties per the job description and as assigned by the Superintendent.