Principal Secondary - Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology 2021-22 (NBOE)

Newark, NJ, US
Nov 25, 2020
Grade Level
High School
  • Position Type:
    Instructional-Principal/Principal Secondary

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Newark School of Data Science and IT - 010



    (Pending availability of funds and Superintendent's approval)

    The District Superintendent invites qualified and interested persons to apply for the position of Principal.

    School Overview
    The Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology empowers students to join the next generation of research scientists and information technology professionals. Courses at this newly-founded school prepares students to tackle data sharing and privacy problems, ascertain and eliminate information technology vulnerabilities and guide students to commit to a career of ethical computing practices.

    As the principal you will be poised to bring the vision of this newly-founded school to fruition. You will receive the initial freshman class and grow the school from ninth to twelfth grade, giving you the opportunity to establish the school's culture and legacy for years to come. Additionally, you will lead a newly formed team of faculty and staff handpicked to meet the unique demands of this specialized school.

    Newark Board of Education Principals create, lead and take responsibility for student-centered schools that prepare Newark students to be the innovators of the future, collaborate and solve problems across cultural and geographic borders, and live meaningful, productive and self-sufficient lives. Principals are responsible for all aspects of school programs. They are responsible for and maximize the school's impact on students' academic success and social and emotional development, support and hold all students and staff accountable for meeting high expectations, and are accountable for instruction, personnel management, and operations. Principals ensure schools provide equity of educational opportunity, and utilize culturally responsive practices to promote each student's academic success and well-being. This role is aligned to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders.

    1. Master's degree from an accredited college or university.
    2. New Jersey Principal Standard Certificate or a Certificate of Eligibility for Principal.
    3. Demonstrated successful building level administrative or supervisory experiences.
    4. Demonstrated success in increasing student achievement and effective staff development at the building level, utilizing a variety of approaches that emphasize inclusion and acceptance.
    5. Leader candidates with a background or experience in the data sciences or information technology are preferred.

    Effective Newark Board of Education Principals:
    1. Believe all students can achieve at high levels and know how to lead a team that provides differentiated support so students can meet these high expectations.
    2. Grow diverse, inclusive teams that respect student and staff cultures and backgrounds.
    3. Create and execute strategic plans to meet big goals.
    4. Are reflective and actively seek opportunities to develop themselves and their team, and cultivate this same mindset amongst students and staff.
    5. Effectively communicate with and support students, staff, families and community members from diverse backgrounds, leveraging strong social-emotional skills.
    6. Are highly-skilled educators with a record of improving student achievement.
    7. Are expert at coaching teachers to improve their practice and student outcomes, and effectively develop other administrators to do the same.
    8. Create school environments where students and staff feel safe, respected and empowered

    Instructional Leader
    1. Provides actionable feedback to teachers and administrators and implements the Board's evaluation system with fidelity. In addition to directly coaching teachers, develops administrators to evaluate and provide effective feedback to teachers that results in improved practice, based on the Framework for Effective Teaching, as well as improved student achievement.
    2. Create and implement a Professional Development Plan for the school that strategically responds to collective and individual teacher and other staff needs and provide differentiated opportunities for learning and growth.
    3. Strategically manages staff resources, assigning and scheduling teachers to roles and responsibilities that maximize their impact on students' academic success and well-being.
    4. Develops and ensures the implementation of intellectually rigorous and coherent systems of curriculum, instructions and assessment, aligned to state standards. Reviews and leverages valid assessment and other student data to create and implement programs that promote students' academic success, with emphasis on the NJSLA Standards and the expectations of the state mandated tests; love of learning; and student well-being.
    5. Monitors programs and engages in a continuous cycle of reflection and improvement to drive improving student outcomes.
    6. Ensures instructional practice is intellectually challenging, authentic to student experiences, recognizes student strengths, and is differentiated and personalized.
    7. Provides a coherent system of academic and social supports, services, extra-curricular activities, and accommodations to meet the range of learning needs of each student.

    Organizational Leader
    1. Strategically develops and cultivates shared school mission and core values that support a high-quality education and the academic success and well-being of each student. Strategically takes action to create a school environment that upholds these values.
    2. Creates a school culture and working conditions that promote collective ownership of student outcomes and a continuous cycle of reflection and professional growth. Strategically creates opportunities for teacher leadership, including faculty-initiated improvement of programs and practice, and opportunities for staff to provide feedback and participate in decision-making.
    3. Models and creates a school environment in which school staff act ethically and according to professional norms, supporting each student's academic success and social and emotional development. This includes being a responsible steward of the school's resources, taking responsibility for each student's success and well-being, setting the moral direction for the school, and leading with social-emotional insight and respect for all staff's cultures and backgrounds.
    4. Works to create equity of educational opportunity within the school. Ensures that each student has equitable access to effective teachers, learning opportunities, academic and social support, and other resources necessary for support, including resources to support English language learners and those with disabilities.
    5. Utilizes culturally responsive practices to promote each student's academic success and well-being. Ensures that each student is treated fairly, respectfully and with an understanding of each student's culture and context, leveraging students' strengths and culture as assets for teaching and learning. Develops and implements policies and addresses student misconduct in a positive, fair and unbiased manner.
    6. Ensures the health and safety of all students and staff.
    7. Develops and administers systems for fair and equitable management of conflict among students, staff and families.
    8. Recruit, hire support, develop and retain effective and caring teachers and other staff.

    Community Leader
    1. Creates and sustains positive, collaborative and productive relationships with families. Partner with families to support student learning in and out of school and develops and provides the school as a resource for families and the community.
    2. Builds and sustains productive partnerships with community, public and private sector partners to promote school improvement and student learning.
    3. Understands, values and employs the community's cultural, social, intellectual and other resources to promote student learning and school improvement.

    Administrative Leader
    1. Assumes responsibility for the management of the school in accordance with law, administrative code and board policies and regulations.
    2. Seeks, acquires and manages fiscal, physical and other resources necessary to maximize the school's impact on students' academic success and well-being.
    3. Uses technology to improve the quality and efficiency of operations and management. This includes developing and maintaining data and communication systems that deliver actionable information for classroom management and school improvement.
    4. Develops and manages productive relationships with feeder and connecting schools for enrollment management and academic alignment.
    5. Develops and manages productive relationships with Central Office. Responds to Central Office requests and works effectively with the assigned Assistant Superintendent and his or her team to advocate for resources and improve school practices.
    6. Ensures the safekeeping of student and personnel files and other confidential records and documents; and the destruction of public records in accordance with law and regulations.
    7. Prepares or supervises the preparation of all reports, records and other paperwork required or appropriate to the school's administration.
    Performs other duties which may be assigned or required by law, code, regulation or board policy.


    1. Salary Range: Salary will be determined pending contract negotiations
    2. Employment Period: Twelve (12) Months
    3. Union Affiliation: CASA

    How to Apply
    Newark Board of Education only accepts electronic applications.

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