Junior ROTC Instructor

Savannah, GA, US
Oct 28, 2020
PRIMARY FUNCTION: This position is responsible for providing appropriate learning experiences and educational opportunities for each student assigned to the program, and for leading the other Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) staff at the assigned school.

REPORTS TO: Principal

  1. Education Level: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  2. Experience, Skill and Certification: Valid Georgia Teaching Certificate in the assigned teaching field (JROTC Certification)

  1. Performs regular teaching tasks in a multi-subject JROTC curriculum as required by state and district requirements, including Provides Instruction, Assesses and Encourages Student Progress; and Manages the Learning Environment.
  2. Follows the General Duties and Responsibilities for teachers in the state of Georgia as outlined in the Classroom Teacher job description.
  3. Instructs students in military drill.
  4. Requisitions all government furnished equipment (includes uniforms, training aids, books, arms, ammunition, training rifles, organizational equipment).
  5. Prepares and monitors programs of inventory control and preventive maintenance for training aids, materials and equipment.
  6. Writes/updates lesson plans for multi-subject curriculum.
  7. Ensures proper maintenance and physical security of all government furnished equipment/materials, including the cleaning of uniforms.
  8. Plans extra-curricular activities for JROTC Unit (including color/honor guard ceremonies, drill team and rifle team competitive meets, field trips, mini boot camps, ship cruises, etc.)
  9. Prepares monthly, semi-annual, annual, and periodic reports on program administration and logistics.
  10. Maintains up-to-date knowledge on all aspects of the military branch.
  11. Assesses JROTC program to assure program objectives are met.
  12. Attends military-sponsored seminars to keep abreast of new requirements of program management.
  13. Makes annual presentation on JROTC Program to all students at feeder schools.
  14. Takes courses of instruction to improve teaching abilities.
  15. Counsels students in the JROTC Program.
  16. Maintains financial accounts of operating budget.
  17. Prepares financial vouchers to the appropriate military branch for reimbursement of expenditures to the school, made in support of the JROTC Program.
  18. Establishes contact with civic groups to obtain their recognition of the JROTC program.
  19. Performs other duties as necessary for the effectiveness of the organization and the safety of students.