Bilingual (Spanish) Educational Assistant / Special Education Assistant

Seeking a bilingual (Spanish) speaking individual who is cheerful, self motivated, willing to build solid relationships with students and staff, and is willing to share the love of learning with young learners.

Monitoring students through a variety of educational tasks in the classroom. Assisting the teacher with practice; guiding transitions throughout the day, materials prep, lunch and recess supervision, before school supervision.

This special education assistant will assist the special education teacher in meeting the diversified needs of students with various disabilities. As a part of this assignment, you will be required to assist in classroom modifications, communication with regular and special education staff, provide structure and feedback, and work with other students as assigned.

Examples of duties may be but not limited to the following:

• Convey the content of the message clearly and accurately according to the receptive language level of the student.

• Assist in communication throughout the school day in a variety of settings (recess, lunch, peer interactions, emergency drills) as stated in the IEP.

• At the direction of the teacher, work on academic, communication, social, and self-help skills.

• Assist the teacher in behavior management and classroom maintenance activities.

• Assist the teacher in providing instructional activities and reinforcement for special education students.

• Physically assist with students including lifting as needed

• Supervise students during structured and unstructured times at the direction of the teacher.

• Implement behavior management strategies for a student or a group of students.

• Assist in the behavior management of students by carrying out plans for students and supervising individual students in both structured and unstructured settings.

• Assist with personal care procedures as needed for students (ex. dressing, toileting, feeding, etc.)

• Other assignments as directed by the teacher or principal of the building

• Attendance is an essential function of this position.


• Interest and/or experience working with students identified with a variety of special education needs including autism, emotional/behavioral disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and health needs.

• Must be eligible for or possess a Handicapped Aides license #070

• Must meet ESSA requirements as "Highly Qualified" which requires either an Assoc. Degree or the equivalent of at least two years post secondary education.


The Educational Assistant will assist the general education classrooms as well as lead lunch and recess supervision. Assistant will work collaboratively with children, staff and administration. This person will work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to meet the diverse needs of students within the elementary classroom. Additional responsibilities may include student supervision.

Examples of duties may be but not limited to the following:

• Work with individual students and small groups as directed by the classroom teacher that directly supports the needs of the given students.

• Given explicit direction from the classroom teacher, lead appropriate classroom activities.

• Complete other organizational and clerical tasks requested by the classroom teacher such as copying, cutting, or assistance with classroom projects.

• Assist the classroom teacher in reinforcing classroom guidelines and procedures.

• Supervise students in the lunchroom and/or on the playground before/after lunch.

• Enforce school rules in the lunchroom, hallways and playground.

• Assist students in obtaining lunch from the lunch lines.

• Ensure the safety of students.

• Care for the personal needs of students.

• Attendance is an essential function of this position.

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