Athletic Coach -Girls Soccer: Madison Park Upper Campus Middle-High(20-21)

Oakland, CA, US
Aug 07, 2020
Job Category
Teaching, Athletics Coach
Grade Level
Middle School
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All Athletic Coach hires and work schedules for the 20-21 school year are contingent upon student enrollment, sports signups, and sports schedules developed for the 20-21 season.

DUTIES: Instruct and coach students in the sport indicated. Help arrange playing schedules. Perform/assist in all coaching responsibilities associated with position.

QUALIFICATIONS: All Candidates must meet all of the requirements listed below. Preference will be given to current certificated employees of Oakland Unified School District who possess a valid CA teaching credential.

Candidate must possess both a current CPR and First Aid card OR proof of completing a college-level course in the care/prevention of athletic injuries OR possess a valid EMT I or II card. Candidate must to able to retain medical certification throughout the duration of the season of sporting event.

Provide written evidence indicating knowledge of the coaching theory and techniques in the sport. Evidence may be college course work, prior-coaching experience in the sport, prior participation in the sport at the high school level or inservice training provided by a school district.

Knowledge of rules and regulations of the sport at the high school level.

Knowledge of adolescent psychology as it relates to sports participation. College courses or prior active involvement with youth in school/community sports program will fulfill this requirement.

Knowledge, skill and ability sufficient to maintain high standards of safety in all aspects of coaching at practices as well as contests.

Demonstrated high ethical standards related to sportsmanship, fair play and relationships with students.

Recognition of the need to communicate with parent and appropriate school staff members regarding problems or emergencies which may arise during a sporting event.

Knowledge of school policies and California Interscholastic Federation (C.I.F.) policies related to athletics.

Overall Applicant Assessment:

Applicant must be able to meet the standards for the district's athletic program as carried out at each site, including the ability to instill teamwork, commitment and discipline as to players, developing positive relations and support from parents and the community and offering academic encouragement and support to students. Previous successful experiences coaching the sport at the level of the vacancy will be given additional weight in comparing candidates.

Primary Location: Madison Park Academy Upper Campus Middle-High
Salary Range: Stipend
Shift Type: Part-Time

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