Health Room Clerical Substitute

Waukesha, WI, US
Aug 05, 2020
The School District of Waukesha is seeking day to day health clerical substitutes on an as needed basis.


 Provide care for Acute and Chronic injury/illness needs of students, with competence and according to established Department of Public Instruction and School District of Waukesha policies and procedures.

 Maintain stock for health room supplies: inventory, ordering, etc.

 Work with family medical providers to obtain appropriate authorization for medication and/or health procedures during the school day.

 Maintain health room records and parent contact logs; compile monthly/yearly reports.

 Effectively communicate with parents, school staff and district nurse as needed regarding student health needs during the school day.

 File reports, immunization surveillance and communicable disease reporting to the Waukesha County Public Health Division.

 Supervise, assist and/or provide direct care to students, following the Individual Health Plan, to manage student chronic health conditions that may include but not limited to diabetic Care (carb counting, blood glucose checks, insulin injection, insulin pumps), urinary catheterization, gastrostomy care and asthma care.

 Maintain a list of students with special health needs, i.e. students with epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, etc. and notify staff of these students.

 Distribute medication in accordance with School Board Policy, DPI laws and statutes and Delegation under the WI Nurse Practice Act.

 Refer students who may require health care to the parent and/or school district nurse.

 Provide leadership, organize and follow up on referrals, in school health screening programs (vision, hearing, head lice, etc.).

 Obtain and maintain standardized health information such as emergency instruction forms, vision and hearing results, head lice screening results, physical and dental reports, accident reports, etc.

 Treat all information and records in a confidential manner.

 Lend assistance to building secretary for clerical needs, as directed by building prinicipal.

 Perform other duties which relate to the position as assigned by the building principal or school district nurse.

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