0.5 Special Education Case Manager

Chicago, IL, US
Jul 21, 2020
Job Type
Under the direction of the school principal the elementary school counselor provides support in the school environment with duties and responsibilities that include but are not limited to the following:


• Formulating and instituting a comprehensive developmental school counseling program to assist students in developing realistic goals, positive self-images and an awareness of future academic, vocational and career opportunities.

• Implementing articulation and orientation activities to provide for the smooth transition of students from grade to grade and from school to school.

• Coordinating and organizing student assessment procedures, including but not limited to the citywide testing program, to provide information that can be used to improve the quality of the instructional program and provide insight and direction for the individual student in terms of educational and vocational decisions.

• Providing students with a career awareness and education program to help students realize vocational life is determined by a succession of choices beginning with school.

• Providing individual and group interventions to reveal student attitudes, feelings, interests, problems, available options and possible consequences to specific decisions to help students be successful in self-directed decision-making.

• Developing appropriate referral and resource services to assist students in utilizing both school and community resources to develop interests, skills, and opportunities.


All Teachers and Counselors new to the district are required to successfully complete the CPS Teacher Quality Pool. Individuals not in the Pool will not be eligible for hire. Information on this requirement is available on the CPS Careers page.

Applicants must have been awarded from an accredited college or university a master's degree in guidance and counseling or a master's degree for completion of an approved program in guidance consisting of 48 semester hours of coursework. Applicants must also hold a valid Type 73 State of Illinois School Service Personnel Certificate with an Endorsement Guidance. (Note: Certificate(s) must show a current registration date.)

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