Tulsa Honor Academy, Middle School Student Supports Teacher

Tulsa, OK, United States
Jul 15, 2020
Grade Level
Middle School
Job Position:
MS Student Supports Teacher
Start Date:
Subject & Grade:
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Kate Freudenheim
Full/Part Time:
(918) 833-9420

The mission of Tulsa Honor Academy Charter School is to equip all scholars with the academic skills, content knowledge, and ethical character required for college graduation and life success.

Our vision at Tulsa Honor Academy is to develop successful college graduates who will become well-rounded, engaged individuals and who will transform their communities. Tulsa Honor Academy ensures that 100% of students are on a path to go to and graduate from a college of their choice, beginning in the fifth grade. We believe all children, regardless of race, background, or income, can achieve at high levels. Through a structured, disciplined, and academically rigorous environment, our students will be prepared to live a life of excellence, independence, and purpose. We will prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond by urgently pursuing rigorous academic goals, exposing them to life's opportunities, and laying the foundation for strong, ethical character.

Our core beliefs inform the work that we do on a daily basis in service to our scholars and their families. We believe:
• that through a rigorous academic design and a strong character development program, our scholars can achieve excellence.
• that all scholars can achieve at the highest levels.
• that all scholars can achieve in a highly structured, rigorous, and joyful school environment.
• that all scholars can achieve when given the appropriate support.

Who we are and what you can expect:
• It is hard, but joyful - for kids and adults. We work hard, but love just as hard.
• Everyone is a literacy teacher - ALL teachers are expected to use reading, writing, and daily discourse to push student achievement
• Structure Driven School - We strive daily for consistency and expect commitment from all staff members towards a shared definition of excellence.
• Team, team, team - We learn from one another and respect each other enough to hold high expectations.
• Constant improvement - We believe that through consistent support and feedback, that all stakeholders will improve.
• People, paper, college - In what we invest says a lot about what we prioritize.
■ Not expensive buildings
■ Endless copies/instructional materials
■ The best darn people, period.

Teachers are entrusted with advancing the mission of Tulsa Honor Academy. Reporting to the Leadership Team, teachers are responsible for the development and execution of a standards-aligned curriculum, continuous improvement of their instructional practices based on feedback and support, and collaboration on areas of instructional and/or curricular need at the school. Teachers will be held accountable by the Leadership Team regarding performance, growth, student achievement, and quality of curriculum. This position is a full-time position with a start date of July 1, 2020.


• Strong commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of school
• Minimum of a Bachelor's degree
• One year working in urban education with a history of significant gains in student performance and/or growth preferred
• Excellent verbal and written skills
• Experience or familiarity analyzing data and using data to inform decisions and/or instruction
• Strong organizational skills
• Openness to feedback, desire to continue development as professional, and willingness to take responsibility for student outcomes and achievement

GENERAL Responsibilities

• Daily Instruction of scholars
• Embody mission and vision of school
• Create standards-aligned curriculum including scope and sequence, year-long calendar, unit plans, and lesson plans; develop interim, midterm, and final assessments as needed
• Develop and implement ambitious, and standards-aligned lesson plans targeted with end goal of student performance at or above grade level expectations
• Teach and enforce school-wide systems, rules and consequences, disciplinary codes, and rewards at all times
• Provide engaging, motivating, and rigorous instruction in whole-class and individual settings
• Provide academic support and tutoring to small groups or individual students as needed/ scheduled
• Analyze student achievement data in collaboration with instructional coach, content team, and grade level team.
• Implement data tracking system and use data to inform instructional development and delivery
• Communicate regularly and proactively with students and families
• Keep current and up-to date grades for scholars that reflect mastery on stated standards and objectives
• Collaborate with other staff members and actively participate in all professional development and learning activities
• Work to continuously improve effectiveness in all instructional practices, using school's teacher performance rubric as a guide
• Use feedback to make productive changes in performance
• Complete all administrative requirements before given deadlines
• Participate in additional activities including field trips, intensive academic support sessions, and other required programs as needed throughout the year

SPECIFIC Responsibilities

• Works cooperatively with administration and other staff members in implementing IEPs
• Draft and revise IEPs as necessary to ensure that needs of special education students are being served
• Deliver instruction using variety of targeted learning modalities in order to develop necessary skills (motor, language, cognitive, memory) using methods to enhance student achievement
• Maintain detailed, meticulous student IEP and 504 records according to state and federal guidelines
• Provide daily tutoring and supports to special education and other students, in individual or small group settings

To apply go to http://tulsahonor.org/careers and follow the instructions.

The above job description is not exhaustive. It may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the Executive Director at Tulsa Honor Academy.