Chief Business Officer

Riverside County, California
Competitive and negotiable
Jun 04, 2020
Natasha Baker
Job Type


Under the direction of the superintendent, the chief business officer (CBO) will provide comprehensive, leadership and direction in the following areas: finance, budget, payroll, accounting, purchasing, risk management, insurance, facilities, maintenance, operations, warehouse, transportation, technology, and nutrition services.  The ideal candidate will organize systemwide processes and procedures in these areas and have superior skills creating and maintaining fiscal sustainability, consistency, protocols, compliance, and accountability.  S/He will have extensive knowledge and experience in a complex organization with regard to budgeting, fund management, procurement, accounting, projection modeling, planning, project management, data analysis, and presenting quality and concise recommendations to superiors and professional colleaguesS/He will be responsible for working collaboratively with the school district staff to ensure accurate information and timely work outcomes to support consistent and cohesive procedures that support short- and long-term financial viability.  S/He will be an authentic communicator comfortable working collaboratively in a diverse environment to meet budget goals aligned with taking Banning Unified School District to the next level academically, operationally, and financially. 



Fiscal Leadership and Management


  • Plan, lead, organize, direct, and manage the activities relative to the district’s budget, finance, payroll, accounting, procurement, risk management, insurance, maintenance, facilities,   operations, technology, transportation, and food and nutrition services
  • Create, organize, manage, and support short- and long-range financial plans with processes that include cross-training procedures to strengthen competence in school finance across all leaders in all departments and schools
  • Provide support to school sites and departments in business operations and finance
  • Identify possible sources of funds that might be available to implement present or contemplated programs and advise the superintendent of such possible sources
  • Work collaboratively with the superintendent, other cabinet members, district office and school site personnel
  • Supervise, direct, support, lead, manage, and evaluate direct reports
  • Serve as the lead who closely manages all construction and facilities/bond programs in collaboration with the district’s team to ensure on-time and within-budget project completion
  • Ensure implementation of a system that maintains accurate inventory controls and records
  • Prepare comprehensive financial data reports and recommendations for the superintendent and Board of Trustees
  • Prepare and review relevant Board agenda items for discussion and/or action at meetings and board study sessions


Policy, Compliance and Best Practices

  • Monitor and maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations
  • Develop and maintain consistent processes to monitor all spending, internal audits and controls, segregation of duties, as well as the daily administration of all actions relative to budgetary functions
  • Provide administrative leadership in the development and/or proposed revision of policies, regulations, and procedures
  • Maintain an awareness of California school laws and legal decisions, compliance, and best practices
  • Serve as an advisor to the superintendent

Negotiations, Relationship Building, and Goal Attainment

  • Serve as a systems thinker, problem-solver and resource
  • Serve as the co-chief negotiator for the district’s negotiation teams
  • In collaboration with human resources, assist in the preparation and resolution of financially reasonable settlements
  • Using qualitative and quantitative data, facilitate the development of a 10-year facilities plan that maintains internal processes for proactive and corrective types of maintenance (i.e. preventive, predictive, condition-based, scheduled, planned, routine, emergency, deferred, etc.)
  • Develop and manage a comprehensive five-year financial plan
  • Build positive relationships with all employee groups and community stakeholders
  • Organize and facilitate cross-departmental training 



  1. Principles and procedures of accounting, auditing, finance, facilities, transportation, nutrition, maintenance, and technology
  2. Advanced principles and processes used in collaborative budget preparation, system-wide fiscal viability, analysis and research
  3. Knowledge of best practices in leadership, management, supervision, and personal accountability with clearly defined expectations focused on work quality and professional growth
  4. Innovative foresight and personal fortitude to modernize and streamline effective and efficient financial processes and procedures
  5. Knowledge and understanding of all policies relevant to the position


  1. Superior professionalism in leadership and organizational management
  2. Consistent, efficient, and focused work habits with attention to details
  3. Exceptional team building skills with the capacity to receive and deliver strategic direction and meaningful feedback to and from superiors, subordinates, and stakeholders
  4. Outstanding relationship-building skills
  5. Open, authentic, and concise communication

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: A certified public accountant (CPA) or master’s degree in finance or accounting strongly preferred with relevant leadership and management experience involving the review, analysis, maintenance and adjustment of various types of budgets, funds and accounts.  A minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in finance or accounting plus years of experience and demonstrated success in the financial industry or school finance may be substituted for preferred criteria.


 SALARY: Competitive and negotiable. 


TO APPLY: Email the listed application materials below to Dr. Natasha Baker at, and send a text message to (951) 233-5036 indicating that your email has been sent.


Submission Directions: In your email subject line, type “Applicant for Chief Business Officer.”  Save and attach one PDF file with the following naming convention: <FirstinitialLastnameCBO>.  After sending your email and attachment, you will receive a confirmation regarding your application submission.  If selected to advance in the search process, you will be notified.  If you have questions regarding the position, contact Dr. Natasha Baker directly.


Your one PDF needs to include the following:


(1) A cover letter of any length explaining why you are the ideal fit for the position

(2) A resume with five references (including three from previous supervisors with names, titles, company/organization, relationship, cell phone, and email addresses for all five references)

(3) Three recommendation letters – at least two must be from supervisors listed on your reference sheet, only one may be from someone else who has knowledge of your work history and successes 

(4) A short essay no more than 1500 words (i.e. 3 pages, 11 to 12-font) about your perspective of the impact of the COVID-19 environment on school finance and how you intend to assist Banning Unified School District with going to the next level financially, operationally, and academically in your CBO role

(5) Any additional materials you believe will support your candidacy


***DEADLINE TO APPLY: MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. (PST)***


NOTE: Applicants who contact board members or staff in an attempt to persuade hiring decisions and/or those who do not follow the process outlined in this position description will not be considered.