University Prep, Principal Resident

Denver, CO, United States
May 06, 2020
Job Category
Administrator, Principal
Position: Principal Resident (Principal in Training)

Our Mission:

Building a foundation of skills, knowledge and character, University Prep educates every K-5 scholar for a
four-year college degree and life of opportunity.

The Opportunity:

In August of 2019, the University Prep Board of Trustees approved a strategic plan for the next five years (through 2023-24) focused on two goals. One, achieve true excellence at our existing campuses (ensuring academic results for all children that fully align with the ambitious expectations of our mission). Two, open two additional outstanding elementary campuses. The Principal Resident has the opportunity to engage in a 1 - 2-year residency with our organization in preparation for opening one of U Prep's new campuses. That campus may end up being a fresh start school or a turnaround, but either way, the Principal Resident is charged with preparing to open and lead the third U Prep campus in our network.

Why you'll love us:

"We have been a part of the University Prep family from the beginning. Over the past school years, I've been so proud to see my child grow, learn, and get the support that I feel every child should receive." - U Prep Parent

At U Prep, we're doing things differently. Three major focus areas drive our work each day, ensuring we stay true to the promises we make to every one of our families - a genuine life of opportunity for their child.

Academics - Academic excellence for every child sits at the center for our work. U Prep offers all scholars challenging, college prep content, along with the support and encouragement necessary to master it. We believe every child will achieve greatness when they are equally challenged, supported and loved.

Character - A focus on growing good students and good people is at the heart of our mission. U Prep knows that to succeed in life, scholars must have a strong and confident character. Our schools go beyond a foundation of academic skills and knowledge with the development of our PREP values - Pride, Responsibility, Enthusiasm, and Perseverance.

Vision - You can only dream as far as you can see - we make sure all of our students see what's truly possible. All children deserve the opportunity to see the opportunities that live outside of their classrooms. Within our K - 5 experience our scholars get to see a range of colleges and careers that will become their reality.

Achieving big dreams takes hard work and a team effort. Our approach to education and the genuine partnership we build with our families means the possibilities for U Prep scholars are unlimited.

Why we'll love you:

You love children . You are deeply committed to working with young people and are unwavering in your optimism about what they are capable of. You believe love for a child is best shown through delivering on the promise of a consistent, high quality education in which all students achieve.

You're mission and values-driven . You are committed to educational equity for all children and are deeply aligned with the core values that drive our team and our organization at University Prep.

You believe academic rigor for all is education equity. You are unwavering in your belief that all children should receive challenging, grade-level content within a cohesive, standards-aligned curriculum. Further, you are crazy about all students achieving mastery of that content and are deeply committed to being the instructional leader as a Principal.

You love working with people. Your experience has shown you that an investment in people and culture can lead to transformative change in an organization. You proactively build meaningful and authentic relationships, which positions you to effectively support and motivate those around you. You push people to achieve more than they could or would on their own because you care about them.

You want to be the best . You care deeply about mastering your craft and take full ownership over your growth and development. You get a little better every day because you are invested in truly becoming the best at what you do.

You never give up. When things feel impossible, you roll up your sleeves, ready to do anything necessary to make them a reality because you know failure is not an option. You are calm and level-headed with an unyielding sense of optimism. You take on challenges and find a way to get to the finish line.

You operate with deep humility . While you carry skills and knowledge from previous experiences, you humbly reflect on new learning and are open to change if it means getting better. You ask questions, listen, and learn from families, team members and other leaders.

What you'll do:

• Embody the mission and vision of our organization
• Live by the five core values that guide our work together ( Educate our Scholars, Serve our Families, Serve the Team, Walk the Walk and My Child )
• Participate in multi-day and/or multi-week local and national residencies to learn best practices in leadership and areas of principalship that may be in greatest need of development ( i.e. Leader coaching, instructional practices, data analysis & action planning, family relationship building, etc. )
o *Principal Residents will spend time (up to two weeks) outside of Denver engaging directly with leaders/schools in cities around our country
• Directly manage the growth and development of a subset of instructional staff and instructional leaders
o Serve as an instructional coach for leaders and teachers through real-time coaching, regular observation and feedback sessions, data meetings, co-intellectual prep and additional supports in order to build capacity in others and ensure the instructional program achieves our ambitious goals
• Plan and execute small group and staff-wide professional development sessions as needed for individual or multiple campuses
• Research and develop best practices for the network to leverage in areas the organization may need to improve or enhance
• Analyze student achievement data as well as teacher performance data on a variety of metrics, both quantitative and qualitative, and use information to collaborate with leaders on short- and long-term planning to enhance performance
• Assist in coordination and management of all standardized student assessments and evaluations, including state assessments, interim assessments, and curriculum-based assessments
• Co-manage assigned aspects of school-wide operational routines such as arrival/dismissal procedures, lunch, recess, transitions, etc.
• Develop, support and maintain a culture of high behavioral and academic expectations that ensures every child is in a position to engage with and learn challenging, grade-level content
• Consistently use school-wide behavior management systems that ensure logical consequences and restorative practices that are predictable and supportive of scholar development
• Support scholars in meeting and exceeding expectations set forth in our PREP values as they build their strength of character
• Work with their coach, the Executive Director, at enhancing key skills and mindsets aligned to the expectations of principalship at U Prep.
o Take personal ownership of growth and development while taking and swiftly applying feedback
• Directly communicate with families and oversee other staff members in their family communications to ensure a strong and healthy relationship between school and home
• Participate in additional school-related activities including field trips, intensive academic support sessions, and other required programs as needed throughout year
• Develop (with direct support) the full year 0 (planning year) plan including critical metrics and timelines that will lead up to a highly successful launch to the new campus
• Develop deep and meaningful relationships with the local community in which the third U Prep campus will be located
• Lead (with direct support) the hiring of the founding team for the third U Prep campus
• Participate in RELAY's National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) . Includes a 12-day summer intensive in Denver, CO. Participation is required .
• Participate in Building Excellent Schools (BES) Leaders for Emerging Networks of Schools (LENS) at various locations throughout the country. Participation is required. /
o *Note: The sequence of participation (RELAY followed by LENS or LENS followed by RELAY) is dependent on previous experiences the Principal Resident (PR) has been through and current skill sets they possess. Further, if a program has already been completed by the PR, it would not be duplicated during their residency. (U Prep covers the full costs of each program (over 10K each))
• Complete all administrative requirements before given deadlines

Position Requirements:

• Full commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of University Prep.
• Full commitment to organization's core values and core identity statement.
• Unyielding optimism that children can perform at or above grade level regardless of where they may be starting their educational journey.
• 4+ years of leadership and teaching experience in an urban environment with a demonstrated track record of success.
• Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.
• Highly qualified as defined by ESSA ( Every Student Succeeds Act ).
• Ability to multi-task and prioritize.
• Successful experience in leadership and management of both adults and students.
• Strong track record of success in building positive staff, student and parent relationships.
• Ability to assess data, find trends, and use information to make strategic decisions.
• Excellent verbal and written skill.
• Demonstration of cultural competence and a humility/commitment to continue growing in this area.
• Deep knowledge of and experience with the Common Core standards in grades K-5.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Ability to work full-time, including some evenings and weekends along with a "whatever it takes" disposition given the Responsibilities of a leader to drive game changing outcomes.
• Tenacious work ethic.
• Openness to feedback, desire to continue development as a professional, and willingness to
take responsibility for scholar outcomes and achievement.
• Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish).

Compensation & Benefits :

Our package includes, but is not limited to the following:
• Competitive salary and access to annual performance-based raises
• Participation in the Colorado PERA retirement program, including PERA 401K option.
• 100% of medical benefit covered for all employees, and options to elect dental, vision, critical illness and
accident benefits.
o Up to $600.00 in contributions to a personal wellness account.
• Weekly personalized coaching and supports
• Engagement in multi-day and multi-week residencies at high performing public charter schools nationally
• Full participation in RELAY's National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) and Building Excellent Schools' (BES) Leaders of Emerging Network Schools (LENS) programming
o All costs are covered for residencies and programs including travel, accommodations, and tuition ( over two years, represents up to a $ 30,000 investment in your growth and development )
• Potential access to signing bonuses and moving stipends.

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As an equal opportunity employer, University Prep hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

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