Montessori Elementary Teaching Assistant

Savannah, GA, US
Apr 24, 2020
Grade Level
Elementary School
Coastal Empire Montessori Community Organization

Teaching Assistant

The Teaching Assistant, under the supervision of the Lead Teacher, the Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction and the Executive Director, is expected to support the maintenance of a high-quality Montessori / standards-aligned educational environment. The roles and responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Observe, guide, assist, and supervise students in all school environments (e.g., classroom, playground, campus) throughout the school day;
  • Contribute to creating a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social and emotional development of primary and elementary students;
  • Continuously take responsibility for the safety and physical well-being of all students in your charge;
  • Follow the classroom schedule and procedures established by the Lead Teacher;
  • Maintain open and regular communication with the Lead Teacher;
  • Ensure that classroom furniture and materials are clean and orderly on an ongoing basis;
  • Monitor classroom shelves in order to ensure that they are stocked and replenish as necessary;
  • Assist the Lead Teacher in the preparation of classroom materials;
  • Assist the Lead Teacher in student record-keeping;
  • Guide and assist any Substitute Teacher working in the classroom;
  • Demonstrate punctuality and reliability regarding all duties, including those outside of the classroom (e.g., car line duty);
  • Regularly attend staff meetings;
  • Be in attendance at parent meetings and/or communicate with parents as requested by the Lead Teacher, Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction or the Executive Director;
  • Participate in the professional development goal-setting program as required by the school;
  • Complete staff development activities to improve job-related skills;
  • Serve as a member of at least one school-based or Board committee;
  • Report any and all accidents or incidents immediately and complete the written documentation procedure required by the school;
  • Strictly adhere to all child abuse / mandated reporter requirements;
  • Remain informed of and comply with state, district and school regulations and policies for assistants / paraprofessionals, including the CEMCO Employee Handbook;
  • Possess the physical capacity to work with children of primary or elementary age, including lifting up to 40 pounds, bending and working on the floor; and
  • Fulfill other duties as determined by the Head of Montessori Curriculum and Instruction and the Executive Director.
Other Requirements:
  • Required: A minimum of an Associate's Degree in education or a related field;
  • Strongly preferred: Montessori training or experience;
  • Preferred: Georgia Paraprofessional Certification;
  • Demonstrate the ability to relate joyfully to children;
  • Maintain confidentiality of information regarding students, staff, parents, and school issues;
  • Perform responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner;
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others; and
  • Use tact, patience and courtesy.
  • From Classified Salary Scale (Grade G5; Step per negotiation); 190/200-day calendar.

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