Secondary Math Coach

Greensboro, North Carolina
Base Salary $60,000
Mar 11, 2020
Grade Level
High School, Middle School
Job Type

Position Purpose:

The NTN Mathematics Coach is expected to support teachers to ensure proper implementation and infusion of National Training Network's (NTN) methodology with fidelity through instruction using both The Key Elements to Mathematics Success and/or traditional textbook lessons (based in the applicable content standards for the area); serve as a liaison between the math department office and participating teachers; provide professional development that emphasizes the most effective use of NTN methodologies and conceptual development in standards based instruction; and provide documentation of all support provided and interactions with teachers, principals, department chairs, professional development manager, and district personnel.


Essential Functions:

  • Conduct demonstrations/model lessons.
  • Create and conduct engaging training/PD sessions rooted in NTN Methodologies.
  • Work with teachers to analyze data and plan for daily standards-based instruction.
  • Assist in planning curriculum and lessons.
  • Mentor teachers.
  • Purposefully observe instruction and provide feedback to teachers.
  • Assist in coordination efforts and collaborate with school and district admin regarding ongoing professional development opportunities and needs.
  • Provide support and assistance as needed and based on qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Complete daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Communicate consistently with NTN colleagues and clients promptly and regularly via email correspondences.
  • Complete other projects as assigned by NTN leadership team


Principal Accountabilities:

  • Provide mentoring, coaching, support to participating teachers.
  • Customer service and satisfaction.
  • Thorough knowledge of all NTN Methodology, components and products.
  • Keep current with state and national trends/curriculum and testing.
  • Effective communication.
  • Provide high quality training.


Position Dimension:

The NTN Coach is pivotal in ensuring the proper infusion and fidelity of NTN methodologies for daily mathematics instruction.

As such, the coach must work closely with their Professional Development Manager (PDM) and the VP of Professional Development, participating teachers, school administration and designated district staff. While there may be periodic and specific projects assigned to a coach by their PDM, the fundamental obligation of the coach is to provide support and coaching to participating teachers.


Organizational Relationships:

The NTN Coach, internally, works directly with his/her respective Professional Development Manager. Externally, the NTN Coach works collaboratively with participating teachers, principals, and district staff.


Skills and Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the Common Core State Standards - Mathematics (K-12) and implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice in daily classroom instruction.
  • Pedagogical knowledge of the teaching of mathematics.
  • Effective instruction methodologies.
  • Effective classroom management strategies.
  • Effective use of motivation theory.
  • Knowledge and experience with effective coaching and mentoring principles and practices.
  • Knowledge on use of assessments for instructional improvement.
  • Excellent communication skills –written and verbal.
  • Possess mastery level content skills.
  • Possess mastery level teaching skills.
  • Ability to present oneself in a multitude of group settings.
  • Proficiency in demonstrating and teaching all NTN lessons.
  • Proficiency in classroom observation techniques and analysis of effective classroom instruction.
  • Proficiency in providing verbal and written feedback to participating teachers.
  • Working knowledge of The Key Elements to Mathematics Success lessons in both student and teacher editions, video clips, and ancillary materials.