American Dream Charter School

Contact: Mr Nicholas Gallagher

The American Dream School
510 E 141st Street, 4th Floor
United States

Tel: 3104134708

About American Dream Charter School

The American Dream School's mission is to develop academic excellence in both Spanish and English, preparing students in grades 6-12 to excel in college. The American Dream School strongly believes that to facilitate success, it is important to cultivate a welcoming, encouraging environment for English Language Learners and immigrant students where learning and language development is supported. 

The American Dream School focuses on:

  • Dual Language Program is implemented at The American Dream School to create an academic structure where students take core classes in both English and Spanish.
  • Project and Experiential Based Learning allows all students to create end of unit projects in their core classes followed by project presentations in both languages.
  • DREAM Advisory (Diversity, Respect, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Motivation) provides students with one advisor that works with them for the year not only during advisory but also as part of their comprehensive support system.
  • June Mini-Mester is a requirement for all students.  During our June Mini-Mester, students will be immersed in an accelerated 2 week course to explore language development through field trips and Culturally Responsive Education. 
  • Culturally Responsive Instruction includes our students’ cultural experience as a driving force in our curriculum.  We will work to have an environment that resembles that of a “village” where students, teachers, families, and the community will be active participants in the academic life of the school.

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