The Academy of Scholars

Contact: Benny Crane

5096 Panola Industrial Blvd
United States

Tel: 678-632-6001

About The Academy of Scholars

The Academy of Scholars is an independent, Christian day school serving children from grades Pre-K4  through 6th grade. The Academy provides an environment of tradition and structure combined with innovation. As a college preparatory institution, our school offers a strong base in core subjects and utilizes both interdisciplinary and cross curricular learning. Heavy emphasis is placed upon problem solving, critical thinking, and character development. The Academy of Scholars provides scholars with a rigorous and stimulating environment in which to grow and thrive.

Our Vision is to afford our scholars the opportunity to thrive in an academically enriched Christian environment.

Our Mission is to develop our scholars to their fullest intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social potential in a safe, supportive, interactive, nurturing environment. Students, teachers, families, and community work collaboratively to develop the skills and qualities that will produce lifelong learners, productive citizens, and leaders for this century.

We are Proud To Be The Academy of Scholars!


  • Provide a top-notch Christian learning community with first-class facilities
  • Deliver uncompromising levels of cleanliness
  • Integrate technology into the curricula which prepares scholars to contribute, compete, and excel in an ever-changing world
  • Guide our scholars to make connections through relevant life experiences
  • Love each and every child as if they were our very own

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