Stratford Public Schools

1000 East Broadway

The Stratford Public Schools boast a portfolio of 13 academic buildings and one district office. Across our 14 buildings, we house almost 7,000 students and approximately 1,000 professional faculty and staff. Collectively, WE make up Stratford Public Schools. It is our mission to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, character and 21st-century skills to succeed through high-quality learning experiences and community partnerships within a culture of diversity and respect. 

Our aim is to be one of the more dynamic school districts in the region. In order to aspire towards this outcome, we recognize that we must embrace the vulnerabilities of our work and remain in a perpetual state of continuous improvement. We aim to provide our students with world class educational opportunities so they can ultimately represent the Stratford community in the global world and become confident contributing members to society.

At SPS, we have a passionate and dedicated staff, many of which are homegrown. With a focus on collaboration, we will continue to challenge and extend ideas around instructional practice. We will celebrate a diverse student population who are filled with vivid hopes, dreams and wishes for their futures. Our students dive deep into the extra-curricular offerings that we have, broadly participating in everything from athletics to the performing arts. 

Our community partnerships are strong and they recognize the importance of their contributions to making the Stratford Public Schools one of the best in the area. For this, we are appreciative. Additionally, we receive outstanding support from the Stratford Board of Education as well as The Stratford Town Council, and the Mayor’s office. 

From Forest to Shore (and everything in between) …. WE are Stratford. 


Dr. Uyi Osunde

Superintendent of Schools

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