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We provide educational experiences, in cooperation with the home and community, that prepare students for lifelong learning and for ethical, productive participation in a democratic society and the global community. Philosophy We Believe….. Û° All students can learn. Û° Students are the center of the educational process. Û° Students learn best in a safe, orderly, and inviting environment. Û° Students should have competent teachers, principals, and support personnel. Û° Parent involvement and volunteer services support and enhance the teaching and learning process. Û° Students should have equal access to educational opportunities. Û° Students have the responsibility to be active learners. Û° Curriculum and instruction should meet the needs of all students. Û° Educational experiences should enable students to learn to communicate effectively, solve problems competently, think critically and creatively, and act responsibly. Û° Education is the shared responsibility of home, school, and community.

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