ABLE Charter Schools

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About ABLE Charter Schools

ABLE Charter Schools - formally Humphreys University Academy of Business, Law, and Education - is a public, California charter school serving students in grades K-12 on a single campus.  Students learn in an environment that combines the best practices of direct and project-based instruction with a digital environment that provides the Internet as a strategic,  instructional resource. Students use school-issued laptops in every class and at home, and classrooms feature state of the art technology.  Through our unique partnership with Humphreys University, upperclassmen are able to earn college and high school credits simultaneously. Career pathways mirror the Humphreys focus on business, law, and early childhood education.  

ABLE seeks highly motivated, high energy, dynamic teachers who are courageous in their mission to educate children.  ABLE values subject area expertise, experience with instructional technology and the Internet, compatibility with a Common Core learning environment, and a belief in children.  ABLE is in a steady growth mode, and leadership opportunities exist.

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