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School District of Desoto County

530 LaSolona Ave.

About The School District of DeSoto County 

Nestled in a small agricultural community, the School District of DeSoto County is located 40 miles to the east of Sarasota, FL and includes three elementary schools (Memorial Elementary, West Elementary, and Nocatee Elementary), one middle school (DeSoto Middle), and one high school (DeSoto County High School).  


Philosophy of Education 

The central purpose of the School District of DeSoto County is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be productive adults in our global society. We are dedicated to educating students to be ready for college, career, and life with 21st-century skills in communication, collaboration, problem solving, and citizenship. Through nurturing classroom communities and a robust curriculum in the humanities, sciences, and fine arts, we empower students to fulfill their dreams. We aim to promote inquiry, discovery, creativity, and curiosity while differentiating instruction to meet the individualized needs and interests of our students. We value a strong partnership with our parents, educators, support staff, students, and community as we prepare our students for the future.


Vision, Mission, and Values

DeSoto County Schools have a mission to deliver a safe and secure learning environment, optimize communication and strengthen inclusivity, guarantee students have equitable access to rigorous and engaging instruction, and to shape minds to build a strong socio-emotional foundation for responsible citizenship. This mission partners, students, parents, and the community to build well-rounded learners and prepare them for life after their school years. The mission partners well with the vision of the district, The DeSoto Way, which is building minds leveraging all available resources to ensure every graduate is ready for college, career, and life. Together, the mission and vision illustrate DeSoto’s values of hard work, perseverance, and tenacity to help all learners succeed and reach their full potential. The mission and vision statements were both revised and updated in 2021.

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