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Job Fairs for Teachers: What You Need to Know

Written by: Bob Harris
Published on: Mar 4, 2019



Job Fairs for Teachers



In the K-12 employment sector, there are numerous opportunities for job seekers to interact with school recruiters throughout the academic year.


Here's a list of types of job fairs you may want to consider:

  • Regional job fairs conducted by large educational recruiting consortiums

  • Minority hiring fairs conducted by dedicated minority recruiting networks

  • Job fairs conducted by independent and charter schools

  • Local job fairs dedicated rs conducted by school districts in their respective cities and towns

  • Job to hiring public school administrators

  • On-campus recruiting fairs conducted through college or university career centers

  • On-campus recruiting days conducted by a specific school employer requiring an advance sign-up procedure through the college’s/university’s career center 

  • Online job fairs like TopSchoolJobs’ 7th annual national hiring event taking place in March of 2019 - Sign up here. 

Since school districts have not completed their actual list of known vacancies for an upcoming school year until February at the earliest, and usually not later than April, most of the opportunities to interact with school employers and their recruiters at job fairs are held within this three-month time period (do not be surprised if several are held during a traditional school vacation week). It is also important for those job seekers who attend recruitment fairs to know that, because there are many levels of applicant screening that take place for teaching positions, most school employers who attend these fairs do not have the authority to offer contracts on the spot. Therefore, you should have at least 50 copies of your cover letter and resume available for distribution. In addition, do not expect to spend more than five minutes with any individual recruiter at a job fair. On occasion, if an employer wants to know more about you, he or she will schedule you for a more in-depth interview with another recruiter if there are breakout rooms available.


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