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CEO/Superintendent/President,Head of School/Principal,Vice/Assistant Principal,Wellness/Athletics Director,Product Development,Technology/CIO,Director/Manager/Coordinator,Deputy/Assistant Superintendent,Special Education Director,Law/Policy,Commissioner remove

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Sr Software Engineer

09/19/2017 | |

Who you are… You’re a language agnostic developer. You’ve worked in a variety of environments throughout your career, and are highly adaptive when it comes to learning a new language or tool »

VP, Product Management

09/19/2017 | |

Position summary Reporting to the Sr. Vice President, Product Management and Publishing, the Vice President of Product Management is a key member of senior leadership. This position is responsible for provid »

Sr QA Engineer

09/05/2017 | |

Who you are… You see the value in Quality Assurance. You enjoy digging into bugs, and finding out why something is failing. You’re highly organized and can be successful even »

Data Architect

08/29/2017 | |

Data Architect About you…. You’re looking to be a key voice of how an organization manages their data. You’re passionate about how data is consumed. Finding ways to »

Software QA Automation Engineer

08/29/2017 | |

Who you are… You have a Passion for Quality Assurance. You’re still that kid at heart who likes to take things apart to see how they work. You are compelled to understand requested user facing f »

Sr Cloud Engineer

08/29/2017 | |

Sr Cloud Engineer About this role…. Are you looking for a role where you’ll be leading the organization’s transition to AWS? Do you want to stop being a small cog »

Project Administrator

08/29/2017 | |

Who you are…. You are a proven multi-tasker with exceptional organizational problem-solving skills. You enjoy daily challenges and work best in a fast-paced environment where communication, collabor »

Sr Software Engineer

08/29/2017 | |

Sr Software Engineer – Corporate Engineering Who you are… You are a .Net developer that enjoys working in a full-stack environment. Working in different tiers of a application doesn't bother you at all. Throughou »

Sr Software Engineer

08/15/2017 | |

About this role …. Are you looking for a role where a majority of the work you’ll be doing is greenfield development? Do you like taking ownership of a project and leading by exam »

Sr User Experience Designer

08/01/2017 | |

NWEA is looking for a Sr. UX Designer to join our team. This individual will be working with teachers on how are product is used in the classroom, as well as the internal engineering team to determine the best possible experience fo »