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CEO/Superintendent/President,Head of School/Principal,Vice/Assistant Principal,Wellness/Athletics Director,Product Development,Technology/CIO,Director/Manager/Coordinator,Deputy/Assistant Superintendent,Special Education Director,Law/Policy,Commissioner remove

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K-12 CEO/Superintendent/President,Head of School/Principal,Vice/Assistant Principal,Wellness/Athletics Di... jobs

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Manager, Title I

09/22/2017 | |

Plans, assigns, and manages the work of program teams providing services to a student population; provides consultative support to staff as needed; ensures that staff is properly trained and that assigned program uses current best practices. »

Band Director, HS

09/22/2017 | |

Provides and is accountable for the planning, assessment, instruction, communication, human relations, safety, and management of a classroom or assigned instructional setting. Supports FCPS mission to ""inspire, enable, and empower students to meet h »

Manager, Program Evaluation

09/22/2017 | |

Supports the director in providing guidance to office staff for appropriate completion of office products and services including technical (statistical and psychometric) decisions; plans projects with the director and specialists and monitors impleme »

Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer, ERFC

09/22/2017 | |

Leads the benefit and investment programs of ERFC, a local defined benefit pension, with assets in excess of $2 billion. Plans, organizes, supervises, and evaluates all activities, programs, functions, personnel, and physical resources. Serves »

Coordinator III, Facilities Services Planning

09/22/2017 | |

Plans, manages, and coordinates program activities and personnel for the office of facilities planning services; exercises leadership to design, implement, assess, and revise programs or activities of facilities planning. Location: G »

HVAC Supervisor (B)

09/22/2017 | |

Supervises the full range of heating and air conditioning equipment maintenance, repair, renovation, and installation activities. Location: Merrifield Support Center HVAC Supervisor (B) Percent Full-Time: Full »

Project Manager, Human Resources

09/22/2017 | |

Plans, manages, and coordinates the resources and activities that support the facilitation, implementation and successful completion of assigned project(s) to uphold department-based initiatives that correspond to the mission, vision, and strategic p »

Manager, College Success Programs

09/22/2017 | |

Plans, assigns, and manages the work of the college success program team as they provide services to a student population; provides consultative support to staff as needed; ensures that staff is properly trained and that assigned program uses current »

Industrial Electrician Senior Supervisor

09/22/2017 | |

Plans for and manages electrical installation, maintenance, modification, repair, troubleshooting, and inspection operations and activities. Location: Sideburn Support Center Industrial Electrician Senior Supervisor »

FCPS Principal Pool

09/22/2017 | |

To be considered for the FCPS Principal Pool, applicants must apply during the open window (September 6, 2017 - October 17, 2017) and upload all required documents (resume and two essay responses). Further details and instructions are provided at the »