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Program Coordinator

Reasoning Mind | -Multiple Locations- | Full Time - 12 Month | Revised: 01/07/2013

Job Descriptiontop

What Do Program Coordinators (PCs) at Reasoning Mind Do?

Program Coordinators play a vital role in ensuring Reasoning Mind is a success at each school. PCs are responsible for the implementation of the Reasoning Mind Program with approximately 20 - 40 teachers. They support the program by:

  • training teachers to effectively utilize a blended learning environment.
  • frequently visiting teachers to observe implementations.
  • meeting with teachers to provide feedback and foster collaboration.
  • monitoring student progress.
  • involving principals and other school staff to ensure the program is implemented with fidelity.

In addition, Program Coordinators gain fluency with a variety of software programs, which help them track and analyze their implementations as well as manage their time effectively.

Who Are We Looking For?

Successful Program Coordinators are:

  • driven individuals who are independent yet collaboratively-minded.
  • technologically savvy problem-solvers who think outside the box.
  • individuals who truly enjoy interacting with a wide range of people.
  • skilled at building and maintaining strong professional relationships within the organization, within the schools with which they work, and with the community-at-large.
  • incredibly organized and capable of prioritizing and completing large task loads.
  • flexible and adaptable when it comes to scheduling, responsibilities, and often-changing priorities.

The professional experience of new Program Coordinators varies greatly. The most successful PCs, however, have brought impressive work and life experiences to the table that demonstrate the emotional maturity and drive that is necessary for the job. Exceptional graduates (both undergraduate and graduate) with relevant work experience (e.g. internships) are also encouraged to apply. A math background is not a requirement, but all our Program Coordinators share a dedication and passion for improving education.

What Skills do PCs Develop?

  • Problem-Solving: Many non-standard problems arise and PCs develop creative solutions to these, which benefit both our schools and our team.
  • Data Analysis: PCs gather and analyze student data to identify problems, determine a course of action, and implement the solution.
  • Project Management: PCs gain experience participating in complex projects, which benefit the organization as a whole.
  • Time Management and Organization: PCs carry a large task load, which demands effective time-management and organizational skills. PCs are encouraged to share the tools they use with each other.
  • Leadership: PCs are given the responsibility of training and supporting teachers. They may eventually train and mentor new Program Coordinators.
  • Technology: PCs gain expertise in the Reasoning Mind program as well as in a variety of other software programs used to track and analyze their implementations.

Opportunities for Growth

Talented individuals who prove effective as Program Coordinators may advance to roles of increasing responsibility during their time with Reasoning Mind. The overall Program Coordinator position is comprised of three levels:  Program Coordinator, Senior Program Coordinator, and Lead Program Coordinator. Responsibilities and opportunities vary at each level and include, but are not limited to: mentorships, project participation, and staff development.


RM offers an exceptional benefits package. As a Reasoning Mind employee, you will enjoy comprehensive health insurance (medical, dental, and vision) as well as short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, and life insurance. You will receive 17 days (3 weeks) of annual paid vacation. You will also have the option of telecommuting – working from home or remotely from any location in the world – for up to 20 days (4 weeks) every year.


The location of openings will depend on partnership agreements with schools. Currently, RM has programs in Texas, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, New York, and Tennessee.* For more detailed information about the Program Coordinator position, please explore:

* N.B. the majority of available positions are in Texas locations.

Application Steps

  1. Submit your resume, cover letter, and basic contact information by visiting our website  Your cover letter should address any or all of the following topics: your understanding of the RM mission, why you feel compelled to join the RM team, how joining RM would align with your career goals, and what skills and experiences you would bring to the position.
  2. After submitting your resume and cover letter, you will receive a written assignment to be completed at your earliest convenience.
  3. Candidates who do well on the written assignments will be advanced to the phone interview round. Note that the date listed under “phone” (above) is not the date on which phone interviews are held, but rather the date on which we will contact you to schedule the phone interview.
  4. Candidates who advance from the phone interview round will be invited to a final interview and classroom visit with the RM Team.
  5. We are hiring for positions with start dates in spring and summer 2013. Submitting your assignments by an earlier deadline will lead to an earlier hiring decision.

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Categories Director/Manager/Coordinator, Consultant
Organization Type Non-profit Organization
Grade Level Elementary 1-3, Elementary 4-6
Teaching field Mathematics


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Houston TX 77001 USA
Dallas TX 75201 USA
San Antonio TX 78201 USA

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Contact Name Jaclyn Youngblood
How to apply Applications are no longer accepted for this job posting.
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