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Executive Director - Washington, DC

New Leaders | Washington DC 20005 USA | Full Time - 12 Month | Revised: 11/13/2012

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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Washington D.C. Program

Reports to:  Regional Director

Functional Responsibilities:   City Leadership & Management; Fundraising & Development; Partner Engagement & Management; Services Leadership

Position Overview:

Serving as the strategic leader and executive manager of New Leaders’ Washington, D.C. team, the Executive Director will be ultimately responsible for the design, planning, funding, staffing, and implementation of a city strategy for the successful execution of an aspiring principals program continuum resulting in a community of high-quality principals focused on driving dramatic student achievement in the schools they lead. 

The Executive Director will serve as the integrator of our programmatic, development, district relationship, and Leadership Services work at the city level.  The Executive Director will serve as the lead for all business development and external client and community engagement for the Washington, D.C. program.  The Executive Director will also build and manage the city team, creating and executing strong operational processes to ensure New Leaders reaches its organizational goals.

As the lead development executive for the city, the Executive Director will work closely in partnership with New Leaders’ central External Relations team for determining and reaching ambitious fundraising goals designed to raise an increased percentage of Washington, D.C.’s annual budget.  The Executive Director will be accountable for participating fully in the creation of strategies and tactics and all reporting and planning processes created to help reach those development goals.

The Executive Director will work in close partnership with district, charter, school, and community leadership within their Washington, D.C. to ensure successful execution of the program to drive dramatic student achievement gains, identify strategic partnership opportunities, and impact local and state policy and practice to promote the success of schools and students overall.  Reporting directly to the Executive Director, and also matrixed to a national program team Executive Director, will be a highly capable Managing Director of Programs, who will provide day-to-day oversight, direction and management to the program workstreams and related staff, and be responsible for ensuring fidelity to the New Leaders program model. 

The Executive Director will have oversight of any Leadership Services engagements offered to and executed for school systems within the city area, working closely in partnership with New Leaders’ central Policy and Practices Services team in the development of, planning for, and then management of any Leadership Services engagements.

The Executive Director is also charged with engaging their local community of New Leaders principals in their ongoing commitment to driving dramatic student achievement gains, ensuring every child in New Leaders led-schools is equipped to achieve at the highest levels of academic excellence.

Specific accountabilities include:

  • Creating and executing the overall short- and long-term strategy based on the New Leaders program model to ensure success at reaching local goals, focused on high levels of academic achievement for all students;
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability of the city program by partnering with the central External Relations team to develop and execute short- and long-term strategies to secure funding for the program;
  • Effectively and efficiently building and leading a high performing team that includes some of the best school leadership experts in the city area as well as talented team members in other areas to fulfill the program’s mission;
  • Building a broad coalition that brings together key constituents (district and school partners), and other education advocates, government, business, and community leaders to work together to impact policies, structures, and practices in the service of increasing student achievement; and
  • Serving as a strategist and thought partner directly to education leaders within the school district, and supporting these leaders in developing policies and practices which directly impact the context of the school system and the success of schools and school leaders.

To reach this vision over time, the Executive Director will focus on increasing student achievement in every New Leader-led school and on growing the size, depth, and support of the local New Leaders program through the following operational responsibilities:

  • Developing and consistently improving the quality of the partnership with the local school system and charter partners in order to:
  • Ensure that New Leaders have efficient access to residency and principal positions,
  • Ensure financial support for NL programs, and

Provide for any other district partnership goals related to the success of New Leaders Residents and Principals.

  • Building new and maintaining existing relationships with multiple charter school and Charter Management Organization (CMO) partners, to increase the number of viable partners for New Leaders programs;
  • Working with the central External Relations team and the city team to meet ambitious goals and raise all funds necessary to execute the New Leaders program;
  • Building a high-functioning Advisory Board and network of local business, education, and policy leaders to ensure the local program reaches all fundraising and program goals;
  • Ensuring that the local program budget reflects established priorities, with a relentless focus on best utilization of financial resources for maximum impact in schools;
  • Identifying district and charter policies and advocating for aligned context change that if successfully implemented will transform the principalship and dramatically impact student achievement.  Working with district and school partners on policies and practices regarding principal management, support and evaluation;
  • Working with the central Policy and Practices team to identify, scope, propose, and manage Leadership Services in the areas of principal management, support, and evaluation for partner school systems;
  • Building a staff culture that reflects a relentless focus on student achievement, operational efficiency and excellence, and ensures that the staff models a culture of belief, honor, respect, honesty, human dignity, and care that we want to see displayed toward students and parents in schools;
  • Leveraging local partners to secure support across appropriate strategic and tactical needs;
  • Working with the local Managing Director of Programs to manage placement of all successful New Leaders Residents as school leaders – tap local networks, maximize district relationships, facilitate compliance with principal certification processes and requirements;
  • Serving as the leading voice for the local New Leader community  to achieve dramatic academic gains in all New Leaders schools, including by working with local program staff to identify key resource/partnership needs for New Leaders Principals and Residents and to help address these needs  through effective action across all team members in the service of increasing student achievement;
  • Developing and implementing strategies to build a sense of community and cohesiveness among the local community of New Leaders Residents, New Leaders principals, mentor principals, and others in education reform; building awareness in the New Leader community around our policy and context recommendations and supporting those interested in becoming more active as internal advocates for change;
  • Serving as the primary local public spokesperson for New Leaders, to include media relations and community partnerships;
  • Working with the Managing Director of Programs to assist in the annual evaluation of the New Leaders program, reviewing data to track progress toward goals and make local program improvements, ensuring the strength of program candidates through the various admissions and assessment processes across the program continuum, and facilitating the identification, recruitment, and selection of mentor principals that exhibit strong mentoring capabilities and that have demonstrated success in improving educational outcomes for children; and
  • Serving as a critical thought partner with other City and National program teams and adhering to national guidelines and processes as needed.

Skills, Experiences & Competencies-

  • Belief that every student, in every circumstance can achieve the highest levels of academic excellence;
  • Passionate commitment to improving public education and the value of leadership in our nation’s public schools;
  • A minimum of seven to ten years of executive-level management experience strongly preferred;
  • A strong track record of leading teams to achieve ambitious results; 
  • Fundraising skills or track record of revenue generation required;
  • Sophisticated relationship management skills, with ability and interest in working thoughtfully with complex partners and diverse stakeholders;
  • Strong people management skills and the ability to motivate, excite, inspire, and educate both internal and external resources;
  • Strong familiarity with the challenges faced by principals in urban public school districts;
  • Ability to think strategically, drive analysis, and solve problems creatively and effectively;
  • Strong entrepreneurial skills and the ability to establish and build a wide range of key relationships across the education, business, and government sectors;
  • Exceptional communication skills (oral and written); and
  • Exceptional organizational skills, with an ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously and thrive in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment.

Important Application Notes:

If you are planning to apply for more than one position,

Please specifically address each position you are applying for in your cover letter.

If after submitting materials you decide to apply for an additional position, please re-write your cover letter to reflect this and resubmit. If you do not indicate your interest in a position, you will not be considered for it.

Although we encourage you to apply for any positions you are both interested in and consider yourself qualified for, we ask you to be careful when attaching yourself to more than one requisition.

Your cover letter should include:

  • An explanation of your interest in the New Leaders mission
  • An explanation of your interest in the position for which you are applying
  • An explanation of anything unusual in your resume (more than one year employment lapse or a major shift in your career interest)

New Leaders is an equal opportunity employer.  New Leaders evaluates applicants for employment on the basis of qualifications, merit and work-related criteria without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, childbirth, medical condition, marital or familial status, family responsibilities, veteran status, personal appearance, political affiliation, matriculation, or any other characteristic protected by law. All applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of such status.

Please note all offers of employment are subject to and contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.

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