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Washoe County School District

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“Every Child, by Name and Face, to Graduation”

Washoe County School District (WCSD) has embarked on a journey, outlined in “Envision WCSD 2020: Investing in Our Future”, a strategic plan focused on education reform, strategic planning, taking action, and delivering results, to ensure that all of our students graduate college and highly-skilled ready for the 21st century.  

Under the leadership of Superintendent Traci Davis, WCSD has demonstrated increased graduation rates, improved test scores, and narrowed achievement gaps. WCSD currently serves approximately 64,000 students at 63 elementary schools, a special education school, 15 middle schools, and 12 comprehensive high schools.

We are significantly above the state average and continue to pursue greater academic rigor and success for every child. With increasing test scores, we are closing and eliminating achievement gaps for our students. Through our ambitious strategic plan, “Envision WCSD 2020: Investing In Our Future”, we are engaging our parents and community in the education process at unprecedented levels and creating learning environments that foster a diverse and inclusive culture.

  • Increased graduation rates from 56% to 77% from 2009-2016.
  • 87% school improvement, narrowing the achievement gap at all grade levels.
  • WCSD Board of Trustees one of three finalists nominated for prestigious national Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) award.
  • Recipient of National Achievement of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) Award.
  • Recipient of the National Leadership Through Communications Award.
  • Ten year recipient of Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
  • Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant recipient

We are located in a beautiful setting, with Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the West and the Great Basin Desert to the East.  Our region is an area rich with outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, fishing, boating and much, much more. Three national parks (Yosemite, Lassen, and Death Valley) are within easy driving distance.

By hiring the highest quality and most effective teachers, supported by the best principals and assistant principals, WCSD is on a pathway toward graduating all students college and/or highly-skilled career ready.

Envision a school district, aligned and accountable for making decisions that promote the best educational opportunities for all children.

Envision an educational community that values building the capacity of all of its employees to ensure a positive, safe, and engaging learning environment.

Envision a school district that goes beyond speaking about the importance of parent and community involvement, proactively engaging them, with intentional focus on those who have previously felt excluded.

Envision every school led by an excellent principal and every class taught by a great teacher, assisted by quality support staff.

Envision all students being challenged by a rigorous curriculum, encouraged and engaged by differentiated instruction, and graduating from high school fully prepared for future careers and further educational opportunities.

Are you ready to join a team of top performers who are in the business of making students’ dreams of a successful future a reality? Please review our informational video and take a look at what WCSD has to offer:




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